Think You’re a Winner? Do ya?

TGIF everyone.  Seriously.

This has been one of those crazy-ass weeks where I swear I didn’t stop moving.  And Friday is no different. Can someone in LA please order me a cocktail before I arrive?  I know I’m going to need one and I’m not even in the car yet.  Hell, I’m writing this at 1am and I’m not even in bed yet.

Anyway… I wanted to start off this post by sending out one REALLY BIG THANK YOU to all of my readers.  As it would turn out, January was the absolute best month we’ve had here at the D.Coop Bloggie. Seriously.  January saw views that were equal to nearly HALF of the views for the entirety of 2011.

Yeah.  You heard me.  Guess you must like me.

And let’s talk about this little giveaway I hosted over at Writerobinson.  You remember.  That’s the whole reason you’re here. I can’t tell you how much I loved the compliments and amazing comments that were left with regards to my photography.  I guess it means that I have to keep shooting right?

Wait.  What was that?  Shut up and tell us who won already you say? Geez.  You guys can be a pain.

Drumroll Please.

You call that a drumroll?  You can do sooooooo much better than that!  Seriously.  Put down the coffee and give me a real drumroll already.


So the fabulous recipient of my original, all nicely signed and framed….. is…..

April Elizabeth of AE Interior Design. 

Here on the blog she’s known as the “Crazy Blonde Lady” but in the Twitter universe she’s known as @alovelydesigner.

Again, thank you ALL for your insanely kind words.  If money were no object I’d send one out to each and every one of you that entered.

Happy Friday and congrats to Ms. April!


3 thoughts on “Think You’re a Winner? Do ya?

  1. Barb says:

    Congrats. Now I guess I either need to steal my camera back and start taking my own pictures or suck up to my son in hopes that I can get a nice picture. So Brandon what will it take to score one????? Nice compliments or OH WAIT A MINUTE…I got it….PORK BURRITOS. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you! Thank you! You may not have picked the winner but you took that amazing photograph.

    I feel so dumb…being a crazy blonde is probably better than a dumb one. I sent off a reply to one of your other posts this morning, told my kids to toast themselves some toast which made them sigh in disappointment because they like mommy making them eggs in the morning ( I make an amazing over easy) but mommy was too distracted… I saw a new blog post on my email but was rushing so of course I didn’t open it to see. Man! I would have known so much sooner! Course it would have made my kids late for school.

    If my son hadn’t been scrapping ice off the windows & I hadn’t been looking through my email on my blackberry anxiously who knows how long it would have taken me to realize.

    his is the highlight of my year! Seriously! 2012 was supposed to start out amazing but it was a bit rocky…like 2011 has been grabbing me by the ankles insisting on coming along…but this is just pure awesomeness! I cannot wait to tell everyone I know!

    Thank you again! I hope you got some sleep. It looks like your traveling somewhat today as well. Safe trip!

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