I don’t love you just because you’re famous, but it helps.

– DirtyMartiniGal

I’m a Twitter whore.  I love my followers.  Some of them love me back.  I never thought of myself as famous but if one person knows who I am then I feel that I should be followed by paparazzi. Right?

Follow her on Twitter…. you may get a rash and your ears may fall off but it’s worth it. DirtyMartiniGal

Twitter Randomness – My ❤ for my Followers

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One thought on “Twitter Randomness – My <3 for my Followers

  1. Carrie says:

    I totally do not tweet as much as I used to. And for no good reason.

    Well, work is really kinda busy now and so is life. I’m hoping both slow down a little bit and I can find some time to play. I kinda miss it.

    And I agree: You deserve paparazzi.

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