Personal Space? Possible Even in Tight Quarters

Happy Wednesday!

Before I start, here’s an exclusive coupon for Lowe’s if you’re thinking about doing some remodeling and freeing up space.

Where are these weeks going?  I swear they fly past quicker than I can even think.  Granted I’m sure part of it is that my email in-box is starting to fill up with the beginning of the year requests.  I won’t complain about this one bit. As they say, idle hands!

So as is normal policy around the D.Coop Bloggie, Wednesdays are meant for trolling the interweb and leaving my mark on someone else’s page. This week?  Our normal coup at MomtrendsTuesday we went all gangbusters on the mancave but what happens when you’re short on space?  I know that we all can’t live in big(ger) houses with multiple rooms and we sometimes resort to 1-bedroom junior suites. Or studios. Or Grandma’s attic.

Even an apartment dweller needs a personal sanctuary! 

Enjoy our little moments of personal bliss on Momtrends and of course, I’d love to know just how you have accomplished a personal sanctuary with minimal real estate.

And PS: We’re almost there!  Friday is just on the horizon!

Image via Apartment Therapy

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4 thoughts on “Personal Space? Possible Even in Tight Quarters

  1. Chris Keller says:

    Brandon, I think more attention should be paid to people who live in “normal” square footage rather that McMansions, I wish there would be more real life shots. Instead of the space which is posed a certain way. I wish they would at least show me some cables coming out of the computer or where do I put my stack of bills? I am always looking for new inspiration to live a more stylish life however I don’t feel like a lot of those ‘doing it well in a small space’ really put any conscious effort into the reality. Why do I have to scrounge for storage ideas from RV ads to see how to maximize storage rather than House Beautiful?

    • dcoopsd says:

      I would have to agree with you there. Quite often we hear about these ultra crazy spaces that exist only for the benefit of people with four bedrooms and 3,000 square feet. That’s predominately why I wrote the column in the direction of those who don’t necessarily have a room to work with. It’s amazing how versatile a closet can be these days and some of the pins on pinterest are really showing some great ideas.

      If you have a chance, you should check out the Apartment Therapy blog. They tend to focus on small space living and have photos of some seriously tight quarters.

      I will add, however, that the greatest way to make a space feel bigger and less oppressive isn’t paint. It isn’t small furniture. It’s in the elimination of clutter. Choosing pieces of furniture or storage that can serve multiple purposes and do things like hide cords and put bills away…. this is, quite frankly, the easiest method to increase square footage.

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