A Breath of Fresh Life – A Let’s Blog Off Post

I know, I know. 

Monday was to be the introduction of the awesome new weekend transformer posts where I finally start making a designer showcase of the home of mine.  I would have.  I really would. But it’s been a bittersweet week to say the least.

As most of my awesome Twitter family knows, my grandfather took his final breath on Tuesday, 3rd of April.  I think that for the most part it was something expected.  We knew the time was coming.  But we waited with bated breath for that day to come.  Even still.  Even with the expectation and the knowledge that his days were numbered, it still came as a shock.

I’m lucky.  See I had the privilege of knowing all four of my grandparents.  Though my father’s parents passed in the late 90’s, I still have memories attributed to each of them.  But it was my maternal grandparents that I had a fondness for. I hold them fully responsible for my addiction to Lego’s (an early Christmas gift) and still hold in high regard their unconditional love for their grandchildren.  Even the “not so accepted in many other families” grandchildren we like to call my partner.  Steve became family from day one.

Needless to say, the week’s end became more about reflection.  Gathering the family from all corners of the mid-west.  Making plans. Celebrating my grandfather’s life.  And mourning his death.

So today’s Let’s Blog Off post was a fitting one simply because there was only one thing I did to my home this past week.  It was a small gesture but still something that I think makes one of the biggest differences.  Something about it breaths fresh life into what might be a stale environment. A splash of color in a foggy room.

I bought my first bunches of Springtime flowers.

I admit, I slack and forget or just get too busy.  But there is something about a dozen French Tulips.  Their blooms tightly wound until finally, they begin to open showing the depth of their color.  The striations of pink and purple.  Or the arrangement I threw together for the office.  All white I know but seeing the fragile blooms stare back at me from one side of the computer is a momentary walk in the garden that I’m not even close to capable of planting (I’m all thumbs and none of them are green).

So I apologize dear reader for not putting together some awesome tip for you to start working into your home.  But do this…. stop at your florist or farmer’s market or even a random roadside stand.  Pick up some flowers and infuse them into your home.

I promise, you’ll be glad you did. (And I’ll rest assured that I bought myself another week….)

This blog post is just one of the dozens of super-excellent blogs participating in this week’s theme “Flowers”.  To see the other great blogger’s take, click here to take you to the Let’s Blog Off page.

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15 thoughts on “A Breath of Fresh Life – A Let’s Blog Off Post

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your grandfathers passing. I am a terrible twitter friend who doesn’t stalk my friends enough because I didn’t know. Please forgive me for being so absent this past week. I hope you get the message I sent you on facebook.

    This is a beautiful tribute & I am glad you shared your feelings about this. Death of a loved one is the most difficult experience especially when we had such a closeness to them & felt their love without condition, one that embraces total acceptance. You are very blessed to have experienced that kind of love. There are many who never feel that.

    I don’t think anyone is holding you to having posted on Monday with special tips for decorating your home because we all know that life’s twists & turns leave us reeling sometimes or at times just needing to stop & catch our breath. I for one am never disappointed. Your post are like a little package… a present so to speak that I see on my phone one morning that I get to open. Something to brighten & infuse joy into my day I rarely notice what day it is only if I don’t see any for a while.

    Just remember the most important home we have to keep,create & design is the one within ourselves. The home that houses our heart. Sometimes the rooms within our hearts need a little extra dusting & moving things around. Sometimes we have to throw things out & bring new things into them…at times we just need to sit there & feel the rhythm of each space while we ponder on how big the rooms in heart have become… this all part of the inner care of our well being. I pray you have peace in your soul during this difficult time my friend & that you will continue to feel your grandfathers love for you continue even though by all things considered earthly he seems to be gone. May he be ever present in you heart & mind.


  2. Terri Davis says:

    Sorry to hear about Grandpa. Flowers are good for the soul.

    • dcoopsd says:

      Thanks so much for the wishes. Sad to see him go but glad that he’s no longer suffering. As for those flowers… I’d agree! Mother Nature definitely had something going right when she came up with the flower 😀

  3. Marilyn G Russell, ASID, NEWH, IIDA says:

    Hey Brandon, so sorry to hear about your grandfather’s passing. I didn’t even know or hear about it. I get so caught up sometimes in my own little world. Death is expected and the most difficult thing to accept. It took a year and a half for me to finally accept that my mom was physically not with me any more. Eventually, nothing but good memories lingers. Like Terri stated, flowers are good for the soul!!

    • dcoopsd says:

      No apologies necessary. 😀 I just appreciate all of the love and positive energy that has come from you and my other Twitter family. There is something to be said about the people that you associate with and so far I’ve been proud of those that I follow and follow back. An outpouring I tell you!

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with your mother. I am a little worried for my own mother that it hasn’t truly set in yet. My maternal grandmother passed about two years ago and now that my grandfather has passed I think the void will become more prevalent.

      • Marilyn G Russell, ASID, NEWH, IIDA says:

        It can be tough. It’s been two years since my mom passed and my brother has not cried yet. I fear one day he may blow his top and worse, he has a terrible temper. Bad combination! I wish you nothing but the best through your temporary journey. Sending (((hugs))) your way 🙂

  4. I am so sorry for your loss. It’s amazing that you knew all of your grandparents.

  5. josephfreenor says:

    I was never close to my own grandparents because of distance and such. They lived in different states so I rarely saw them, and my maternal grandmother was killed in a car accident before I was born. On the other hand I was able to spend quite a bit of time with my wife’s grandmother. She was hale and hearty until about six months before she passed at age 92. A truly wonderful lady.

    • dcoopsd says:

      The way I see it is that family is family. Over the years I’ve gained a number of additional mothers and grandmothers and uncles and aunts that had nothing to do with the blood line but everything to do with our relationship. I definitely love that.

      As for 92…. my goodness!

  6. SandyVTW says:

    Happy to hear that you knew all 4 grandparents, that’s wonderful. Thank you for sharing Brandon. Sorry about your grandfather, as you mention even when expected, losing a loved one is tough.

    • dcoopsd says:

      I am definitely lucky in that regard. And thank you so much for the kind regards! I think in the end there is no true preparation for the death of a loved one, no matter how much you think you have.

  7. patz1 says:

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. You are right about flowers – they help us reflect and can be a comfort at times of sorrow.

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