DCoop Doing What We Do Best

Happy Saturday ya’ll.

This week was crazy with KBIS so I’m actually going to try and enjoy parts of my weekend. The parts where I’m not measuring a 4,500 square foot five level house so that I can gut it’s kitchen and three bathrooms.

As a result, my dear friend Lisa Smith over at The Decor Girl forwarded me a little photo to remind me just what I should be doing.

If I had a real bathtub.

And a martini.

Enjoy gang and I’ll see you around these parts come Monday!

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7 thoughts on “DCoop Doing What We Do Best

  1. I had such a great time scoping out the show with you. How fun to race through with a like minded pal equally willing to call it as we see it. Looking at our pic from IntDesignerChat I’d say our unspoken theme was somehow bathtubs?


  2. dcoopsd says:

    We did have a bit of a bathtub theme going on didn’t we? Sounds like we need to meet up for Neocon and “call it” on the commercial products.

  3. So fun! I wish I had been there. I hope you had a wonderful weekend Brandon!

  4. Ohhhh that look on your face ! Is it because you spent the night eating chocolate covered strawberries ?!! xx

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