Hey Good Looking – What’cha Got Cooking?

So Brandon opened his mouth a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, you probably follow me on Twitter so it’s quite possible that you already know that I do this often.  And more often than not, a foot (or two) may or may not need to be inserted into said mouth. Shoes don’t taste all that well (even my Louis Vs with the little floral pattern in the leather).

The story goes that a couple weeks back, I spent a little time chatting on one of the most awesomest chats on Twitter, the #KBTribeChat (Wednesdays at 11am PST).  This particular chat was just before the Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago.  I casually mentioned wanting to cook in someone’s kitchen for the show.  Nick Lovelady out in Alabama (check out his blog…) chimed in as well.

Turns out, someone was listening.  Actually a big someone.  Ok, it was two big someones. You might know them as Capital Cooking (of super cool range fame) and American Standard Brands (do I even have to tell you who they are?). Little did either of us know that they’d be putting together a great kitchen at this year’s Dwell on Design. 

Do you see the feet appearing?

Several messages later and Nick and I are committed to going head to head.  Mano e Mano.  Designer to Designer.  Blog to blog.  We’re going all West Side Story where I’m heading the Jets and he’s part of the Sharks.

Snap. Snap. Snap.

But guess what…. That’s right.  There’s more. Nick and I are looking for sous chefs.  Are you going to Dwell this year?  Want to spend a little time in the kitchen?  I heard rumors of a prize.

So if you’re interested and you want to come cook for me (and maybe tweet a little in the process, send a message over to Leanne@flyingcamel.com and let her know.

Come don a chefs hat with me on June 22nd!

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10 thoughts on “Hey Good Looking – What’cha Got Cooking?

  1. kbtribe says:

    We plan on being there! Can’t wait Brandon.

  2. That is way to cool! I can’t wait to hear what happens. I hope to see a lot of pictures of you & your team cooking up a storm!

    • dcoopsd says:

      I’m sure there will be! And blog posts and…. HAHA!

      • Yes, well. Hit me over the head sometimes (tweet on dm me) & tell me what your up to because unless I am online (which is minimal to say the least) or I get this blog via my inbox I can loose track of your goings on very fast. I saw the photos from the even that someone posted. It looked like a blast. I would love to hear from your perspective how it went.

  3. Nora DePalma says:

    We’re working on live streaming this epic struggle!

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