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The Scene – San Diego’s Mission Brewery

It’s Sunday night.

Well actually, by the time you’re reading this it’s actually Monday morning.

Sorry for the confusion. 

That is unless you’re in some weird space time continuum that I can’t even understand let along talk about. (shhh… it’ll be our little secret)

So anyway, I was going to write you a humdinger of a Sunday night post.

But then we drank beer.  And all was not lost. 

Well, not entirely lost but enough to keep most sane words from leaving my head and filtering through my fingers until they became pixelated dots on your computer screen (or smartphone for my nomadic readers).  I’m sure you’re surprised because I’m not exactly one to talk beer all the time.  I think one of my biggest search terms is “Gin” and for the most part, Klout still thinks I’m highly influential in Vodka even though I haven’t touched the stuff in some 6 months (I switched to gin….). In fact, I so rarely drink beer that friends look at me funny when I let the foamy head get anywhere near my perfectly pouty lips.

So it should come as a big surprise that we spent part of our day enjoying a private tour of San Diego’s Mission Brewery in the historic Wonderbread Building.  It was a game day (meaning the Padres were attempting to win…. I don’t follow sports so for all intensive purposes they might have and they now hate me…) which always ups the ante just a bit.

I’d love to share with you how beer is made, the process of fermentation, or how much time is spent perfecting a recipe but unfortunately, we were drinking.  Like normal.  And so I’ll share with you just what we took away from this tour.

My apologies to Adam for him trying to teach us about beer and instead us encouraging him to curse.

1. Hops come from Unicorns.

2. It really is fun to remake the opening scene from Laverne & Shirley.

3. That Mission Brewery should make potpourri from the aroma of their German hops.

I know….

Many thanks to Adam for putting up with our childish antics today!

I will only leave you with this:

Mission Brewery | 1441 L Street . San Diego |

D.Coop was not compensated for this post.  In fact, I’m sure we’re banned for life.

Images via DCoopMedia and may not be used without permission.

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Hey Good Looking – What’cha Got Cooking?

So Brandon opened his mouth a couple of weeks ago.

Of course, you probably follow me on Twitter so it’s quite possible that you already know that I do this often.  And more often than not, a foot (or two) may or may not need to be inserted into said mouth. Shoes don’t taste all that well (even my Louis Vs with the little floral pattern in the leather).

The story goes that a couple weeks back, I spent a little time chatting on one of the most awesomest chats on Twitter, the #KBTribeChat (Wednesdays at 11am PST).  This particular chat was just before the Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago.  I casually mentioned wanting to cook in someone’s kitchen for the show.  Nick Lovelady out in Alabama (check out his blog…) chimed in as well.

Turns out, someone was listening.  Actually a big someone.  Ok, it was two big someones. You might know them as Capital Cooking (of super cool range fame) and American Standard Brands (do I even have to tell you who they are?). Little did either of us know that they’d be putting together a great kitchen at this year’s Dwell on Design. 

Do you see the feet appearing?

Several messages later and Nick and I are committed to going head to head.  Mano e Mano.  Designer to Designer.  Blog to blog.  We’re going all West Side Story where I’m heading the Jets and he’s part of the Sharks.

Snap. Snap. Snap.

But guess what…. That’s right.  There’s more. Nick and I are looking for sous chefs.  Are you going to Dwell this year?  Want to spend a little time in the kitchen?  I heard rumors of a prize.

So if you’re interested and you want to come cook for me (and maybe tweet a little in the process, send a message over to and let her know.

Come don a chefs hat with me on June 22nd!

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Salt – Now fortified with Basil! A visit with Salt Farm

I’m an addict.

I’ll admit to it.  I love it.  I crave it.  I probably couldn’t see my life without it in some way shape or form.  Granted no one (except maybe my Doctor) will ever give me an intervention.  There is no Twelve Step program for lessening its grip on my life.  And I’ll never be sitting next to Lindsay Lohan with it’s sweet delicate kernels stuck to the skin around my nostrils.

It’s like legal coke.  Let’s be honest.

It’s Salt.

But not just any salt.  We’re talking Italian imported sea salt with just a touch of black truffle. Or a simple basic salt ground with bits of coconut and ginger and chili.  Maybe it’s a salt with dried tomato flakes, sweet basil and a hint of garlic.  Drooling?  Me too.  I just had to clean up my keyboard. Missed a spot.  No… right there.  Now you have it.

Once upon a time salt was salt. It came in in a blue paper carton with a girl and an umbrella. Times have changed and like Morton said “When it rains it pours”.  Salt is no longer just salt.  Take a gander down the spice section of your local Whole Foods and you’ll see Sea Salt and French Sea Salt and Kosher Salt and regular salt and salt infused with just about any other item that can be ground in a mortar and pestle.

It isn’t easy to pick one. Especially with the likes of Iron Chef and Top Chef and Chef Boyardee around. Make one wrong move and it’s over.  You might as well go back to the Culinary Institute and learn how to boil water.

So I’m going to help you.  I’m going to point you in the direction of one Ms. Tonya Youhanna and her fabulous San Diego company, Salt Farm Gourmet Salt.  I’ll make it really easy.  Roughly 30 different salts ranging from the very popular Himalayan Pink (did you know this is a super healthy salt with 84 different minerals?) and Sel Gris to the exotic Espresso (perfect as a dessert salt or on red meats) and Wasabi Sesame salts.  And, of course, the famous Black Truffle.

Who can resist Black Truffle? I can’t.  The beauty of Tonya’s is that hers not only uses an imported Italian base but is also 10% Black Truffle. Considering that most commercially available truffle sales contain maybe 5 to 7% truffle to salt, it’s like you’re leashing up the pig and stealing the truffles from her.  Let that image swirl around in your mind a little.

Actually what I love best about Tonya (besides the super Salt tattoo that she has on her right arm) is her pricing.  Sure she has three- and five- pack samplers (the five pack contains Black Truffle) but her standard bottles are quite generous and a steal at $10 to $12 a piece.  True Story – I bought a chardonnay salt from Dean & Deluca once and paid almost $20.  (I told you I was an addict)

Ok ok…. I’m hungry now and I should probably eat rather than lick my screen.

If you’re in San Diego, you can find Sea Farm at the Hillcrest and Little Italy Farmer’s Markets.  Or, stop by her website Salt Farm and most importantly her Etsy shop.

Buy some.  Buy them all. Well not all of them, leave some for me would you?

Aside from another addiction, D.Coop was not compensated for this post.

All images via DCoop and may not be copied without permission.

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Sunday Flashbacks – I’m out of Diet Coke. (so I’m late)

Ok so Sunday’s back.

So not really anymore since it’s really Monday now.  See what happens when I’ve no more Diet Coke?  Yeah.  I completely lose track of time.  Sue me.

Stuff I did

  • So do you remember those Douchebag doilies from last Sunday’s flashback post?  My awesome friends over at Badder Homes & Gardens (the name says it all) picked ’em up and showed ’em off in their Wednesday’s post.  Cause we’re good like that.
  • Who doesn’t love big glossies?  Check out our ad in this month’s Angeleno Interiors. It’s big and it’s pretty!

Pour Another Drink and Watch What Happens Next

  • Are you a DIYer and can make magic out of flea market finds?  (And you’re in the LA/SD/OC area?) You should audition for Candy & I’s upcoming pilot! Auditions are Tuesday October 4th.  Click here or email me for deets.
  • After my momentary week long break, check out my weekly design guide on Momtrends.  You’re bound to find something new and interesting!

  • Don’t forget.  If you want one of a kind chairs and have money, you’ll want to join me at Hold-it Home in San Diego for the 3rd annual Chairs for Chairity event benefiting the Make-a-Wish Foundation.  I picked one of the chairs up at the 1st annual event and let me tell you, there is some good stuff.

Awesomeness that Makes Me Happy (Don’t piddle K?)

  • Last year we spent a crazy amount of time in Oregon working with BendBroadband on the creation of their BendBroadband Vault project, a 30,000 square foot data center.  Although we’re currently waiting to hear whether or not the project is being awarded a coveted LEED Gold Certification, we did learn that The Environmental Center of Central Oregon has awarded the project an Innovation in Sustainability award.  We’ll post more on the project later but many congrats!  To learn more about the award click here.


Bacon Popcorn and Toothpaste.  ‘Nuff Said.

Done and Done.

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Sunday Flashbacks – It can’t already be October!

JC I can’t believe it is already October. 

Not to mention that it also is Quarterly Sales Tax time here in the State of California.  Luckily it wasn’t so horrible but I swear they always have their hands out.  Kinda like teenagers. Yes, California is one big acne ridden teenage. Thank goodness it hasn’t hit puberty yet because then we’d all be in trouble.

Anyway, on to this week’s crap I did and what to look forward to in the near future.

Stuff I did

  • Fire for Apartment Dwellers.  I’m always trying to think of my fellow renters in my posts.  See our Wednesday post on MomTrends for just how to accomplish FIRE!

Pour Another Drink and Watch What Happens Next

  • And the pilot is moving!  Candy (@artofthespa on Twitter) and I are off and running on our new pilot series, Treasure Transformers.  We’re looking for talented, creative individuals who have on air panache and want to participate.  Auditions are coming up again on October 21st from 12 to 4 at the Jackie Robinson Center in Pasadena.  Send me a message and I’ll forward the deets.
  • One of my favorite charity events is coming up on the 20th. Chairs for Chairity is awesomeness on four legs (or wheels, three legs, stumps…).  Tickets are $15.00 at the door ($10 in advance) and well worth it quite simply because it’s supporting the Make a Wish Foundation.  Click HERE for details.

Awesomeness that Makes Me Happy (Don’t piddle K?)

  • After seeing the Fiat 500 by Gucci I found out that they’re also making a limited edition version to support breast cancer research.  Get one of the 250 before they’re gone.
  • My fave Lesbian in the world (no kidding… if only…) Hannah Hart (@Harto on Twitter) has come up with another of her awesome-sauce cooking shows but this time it’s a totally cool music video.  Let them eat cake!
  • Ok, one more food related awesomeness.  It’s an alarm clock.  It wakes you with the smell of bacon.  I’m not kidding.  I. Die. See it here….


Urban Outfitters never fails to amaze me with their little gifts.  Last night as Steve and I were looking for a disposable flask for his company party (shhhhh) and I have to show you what I found. Yeah… keep the glasses on the damn coasters. Seriously.  I’m just mad I didn’t think of it first.

Done and Done.

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