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DCoop Sourcebook – Havana Chair by Tom Faulkner

Sometimes I watch old movies.

Like Forever Young with Mel Gibson.  Or Clueless. Or Beaches.


Actually I love Casablanca but could never quite get into the length of Gone with the Wind.

Anyway, if there is one thing I love more than the movies themselves, it’s the sets.  Decorators putting the voguest of interiors on the Silver Screen.  As a result I have a fondness for 1940’s English furnishings.  Something about their mass-produced Art Deco qualities bringing a design sensibility to the masses and nearly allowing post-war England to revamp their style speaks to me.  I believe there aren’t many styles since then that have made that kind of impression (with exception to the Mid-Century Modern looks of the 60’s and 70’s).

Which is probably why Tom Faulkner’s Havana dining chair speaks volumes.  The fan back shape.  The basic chamfered legs.  The thick, tightly upholstered seat that screams diner chic.  It’s a bit of the ye olde years brought back to life and reintroduced.  I could imagine this upholstered in a psychedelic Liberty of London print flanking a very English Chippendale buffet. Or maybe go velvet and tuck it in front of a vanity. Either way, it’s shape says “take me home”.

Side Note, Tom Faulkner took home this year’s Most Stylish Product award at the 2012 House & Garden at Decorex.

Play it again Sam. 

I think he just did.

Designer Tip: Great dining chairs are difficult to find.  Maybe it is the massive number of tables available on the market today.  I like to play with my dining rooms.  A mix of vintage and modern.  Think this chair around a Saarinen Tulip or maybe Blu-Dot’s X Base powder coat.  Either way, Play off the fan shaped back and have a little fun. 

Tom Faulkner | Available to the Trade |

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items featured on the DCoop Sourcebook, shoot us an email.

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post.

Image via [1]

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DCoop Sourcebook – Coalesse SW-1 Seating

I’ll tell, I think everyone must think I’m the weird one at tradeshows. 

I’m the one on the floor, on my back taking random pictures.

I’m the one feverishly typing on Twitter to get something out there before even the magazines do it.

I’m the one who did five tradeshows in two months and still managed to keep up a practice.

Yeah.  I’m apparently nuts.

And of course, some of you have managed to catch me in these various moments. There was a bathtub at a showroom in at KBIS.  Then there was me on the floor of the 18th floor of the Merchandise Mart.  And then there was me sitting on a toilet in the Kohler showroom.  And saddly, there IS photographic evidence of these moments.

ANYWAY.  Where was I going?  That’s right…. seating.

Let’s be honest, if there is one thing I like just as much as super-awesomesauce lighting, it’s amazeballs seating.  Neocon this year had absolutely no shortage of great lounge pieces.  The manufacturers are really stepping up their game and throwing us designers something we can really sink our teeth into.

Coalesse is one of those high-stepping vendors that managed to make one heck of an impression on me this year.  I was on the floor, under the tables, moving chairs so I could get a good photo.  And of course, trying not to drool on damn near everything in their showroom.  If you don’t know, Coalesse is a Steelcase company.   That’s right.  One of the Big Three has come up with something that doesn’t look like it came from the Big Three.  Actually they came up with a number of items but for the sake of this post, I’m going to go gaga over the SW-1 Seating line.

Designed by Scott Wilson and the industrial design firm, MINIMAL, the Metro line was meant to scare the shit out of conventional conference seating.  It’s a throwback to 1974 but without the bellbottoms and acid.  It makes task chairs piddle on the floor. Or bow in silence.

Told ya I was going to go gaga.  My favorite part?  It isn’t just for the conference room.  They’ve got a high back version for executive purposes (think Eames Executive Lounge), a lounge version with no castors, and even one with a tablet arm.

I know.

Pinch me.

I must be dreaming.

Designer Tip: Think commercial (ie: office) furnishings are meant to stay in the office?  Think again.  Current trends are bringing the home to the office.  Furniture design is keeping pace with the trends and let’s just say, the office of yore is not the office of now.  Even better?  Because commercial pieces are made to withstand the harsh commercial environment you can rest assured that it will withstand the demands of the working household. 

Coalesse | Available to the Trade |

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items featured on the DCoop Sourcebook, shoot us an email.

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post. But I want like five of them.

All images copyright DCoopMedia and may not be used without prior approval.

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DCoop Sourcebook – Golden Gate Furniture Company

Let’s be honest.  I’m addicted to automobiles.

And anything related to automobiles.

Except oil and grime.

And gas prices.

Because I think it’s safe to assume we all hate those (especially my Euro friends who have to pay by the litre!).

So this morning when an email popped up from a company with close ties to the big orange bridge just north of San Fran, I couldn’t help but not delete it.  I told you I couldn’t resist.

I was pleasantly surprised. 

As we all know, industrial and Steampunk are all the rage.  I knew what one was but it wasn’t until I spent a little time on Etsy that I figured out the other. And aside from the random goggles and Victorian garb made of metal, I’m all for it. Steampunk that is.  But this isn’t Steampunk.  This is more industrial meets automotive chic.  Are you sufficiently confused yet?  That’s what I get for writing at 12:30 am the morning of a long weekend vacation with the in-laws.  At least there is no spelling typos.  Yet.

So anyway, that hard part about using industrial components in an interior scheme is that it can start to feel a little overused.  A little too “normal”.  Look at the explosion we’ll call the Edison lamp.  One restaurant in the back alleys of Portland attaches one to their bar and the next thing you know, half of the United States has lamps with carbon filaments.  You get the point.

The point is that it’s generally tough to make an industrial inspired interior stand out from the others.  Unless you’re a picker on TLC and wander into some guy’s barn with 100 year old signage. And a turbine.

Which is why I’m smitten by the Golden Gate Furniture Company. 

The skinny is this – in 1993 a signifigant portion of the pedestrian handrail from the Golden Gate Bridge was replaced.  56 years of sea and salt had done its damage.  Upon hearing (via radio no less) that the contractor chosen by the transportation department had not determined the end all for the removed sections, Richard Bulan (the founder and a Bay Area native) determined that a section needed to become his headboard.  However, considering each section was nearly 12 feet in length, he ended up with not one, but four pieces of automotive art with a historical provenance.  A long story made short, friends wanted one too and the Golden Gate Furniture Company was born.


But what I really dig is that Bulan has left the historical integrity of the removed steel sections intact.  Rivets are left in place.  Random details are utilized.  And although the original finish has all but deteriorated, he continues to paint his furniture pieces in the original International Orange using the same methods and techniques used in 1937.

GGFC has a number of pieces, most notably the headboards that started it all, but my favorites are easily the tables.  The occasional table is a monster of an accent with three very hefty legs and a 3/4″ glass top.  My ultimate favorite? The club table with the super thick Claro walnut top.  It’s a supreme blend of industrial meets mother nature.  I guess you could say it’s a fabulous compliment considering Mother Nature is exactly where this whole thing was started.

And before I forget, every piece is limited and once the supply of steel has run out, that’s it.

Alright… I think it’s bed time.  Or time to pack.  Not sure which.

Golden Gate Furniture Company |

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items featured on the DCoop Sourcebook, shoot us an email.

DCoop was not compensated for this post.  At least, no section of pedestrian railing has shown up at my house as of July 27th.

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Nancy Corzine – You Gotta Have A Lot of Passion

Let’s face it. 

If you’re reading my blog post from one of the other 49 states that isn’t California (or even from a country which doesn’t have a California of its own), you should be jealous.  Jealous because we have Hollywood.  And we have Baywatch (or Pamela Anderson – you choose). And we have great wines that make even the French weep just a little.

But for us designer types, we also have Nancy Corzine.   If you don’t know her, you should.  If you do know her, you’re enthralled with her furniture designs.  Elegant, streamlined pieces of design goodness wrapped up in a bow and served on a silver platter like a great martini at a dark bar. For years I’ve oogled some of her Art Deco pieces. Flaming veneers and chrome hardware and a polish so shiny, Enzo Ferrari tried (and failed) to emulate it.

I’ve probably exaggerated on the Ferrari point but who knows.  Maybe he did.  Even Edison didn’t tell us just how many filaments it took to get to the center of the light bulb.  (Please tell me you picked up on the Tootsie Pop reference).

Anyway… let’s cut to this past week.  In amidst all of the hustle and crazy that is my pre-KBIS week of preparation I took a little time out to spend the evening with two things I love – Typhanie Peterson and Gin.  Oh yeah…. and a cocktail party with the eponymous Nancy Corzine.   Certainly we were all there to learn about her upcoming Spring Collection (more on that in a bit) but in one of those serious “let’s talk about where babies come from” types of chats, NC had a few moments of heart to heart with the designers present.

For someone who’s risen to design stardom (seriously, most designers have either heard of or sold her pieces) she takes a very down to Earth approach with her clientele.  So much so that she actually said ass. She didn’t call anyone an ass but was merely referencing the testing that each of her chairs goes through in it’s development stage (in case you’re curious – each chair prototype goes through five asses before receiving a sign off).  I personally find her realization that core of her company is not her designs or her sense of taste but her people (ie: the employees that have been with her for eras) to be endearing, a sign of a true leader and not just a face.

So her collection?  After being told that her showrooms were simply too formal (agreed) NC did just one thing – she added a new line of finishes.  It may sound so simple but the truth is that the addition of the Scrubbed Oak finishes took her collection to the opposite end of the high end, formal spectrum.  Beach houses? Check.  70 Foot Sail boats? Check. Ice Fishing Shack? Well if it were for a Vanderbilt, check.

It’s a new, casual focus for the company and one that I can get behind. So long as I’m on a limed oak soap box.

Nancy?  Do you hear me?

Nancy Corzine’s furnishings are available through the Trade.  For more information, visit her website.

D.Coop was not compensated for this post.  Though is NC’s PR People see it fit to send a limed oak soap box I’d not complain.

Images are copyright D.Coop and may not be used without permission.

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The Recliner – A Designer’s Holy Grail

Marion, don’t look at it. Shut your eyes, Marion. Don’t look at it, no matter what happens!


So I’m no Indiana Jones. No hat.  I don’t carry a whip into showrooms. Actually, maybe if I did carry a whip into a showroom it might get me a little more attention.  Or if my father were actually Harrison Ford. Or if I were Harrison Ford.  Nevermind that.

I have a few favorite terms that I love hearing.  “It’s perfect”, “Whatever you think is best”, or my absolute favorite “blank check”.  When they are uttered in reference to a project on which I’m working, I can’t help but get little butterflies in my stomach and see purple unicorns in a daze of utter bliss.  It’s like a little high.

But then. Something always happens.  Did I ever tell you I was related to Murphy?  You know, the guy that created that law that we all *love* so much? Yeah, him.  I hate him too.  Because it’s his fault when after those blissful statements are uttered, something is thrown into the mix.  A wrench per say. And not even a good quality wrench.  It’s like a wrench that you get from the gas station because you’re trying to change your own tire and realize that auto manufacturers wanted to save weight by leaving out the essentials and it breaks as soon as you try to attach it to a lug nut.  No, dear readers, I’m not speaking from experience.

Designers, you can back me up on this one. There is one wrench that is almost unattainable. So rare and distinct that UNICEF continues to host midnight telethons in hopes of saving the last remaining few on Earth.  So rare that I could have sworn I saw Melissa Etheridge do a commercial with sad puppy dog eyes and “Help” in big Comic Sans letters.  So rare that the last few existing on this planet are more expensive than singular un-cut pink multi-carated diamonds.  More expensive than Pamela Anderson’s last pair of … um… nevermind.

The Recliner.

By recliner I don’t mean the brown corduroy Barcalounger that sat in the corner of your grandfather’s TV room with the big wear stain on both arms. Maybe a stain on the headrest where his pomade laden hair used to rest.

Let me post a question manufacturers…. Is it really so hard? You know, sometimes a person just wants to put their feet up and watch TV. In their family room. Without facing the scorn of the other pieces of furniture in the room because the recliner… you know the one… is so damned ugly. And puffy. And bloated with bad foam and overbearing arms. And stubby legs. If it even has legs.  Sigh.

But wait. Did I tell you how my Monday went? Can you hear the giddy in my voice? Can you?  Dammit unplug your ears already.

I found not one. Not two. But three Holy Grails. If I were Indy I’d have piddled in my pants.  Just a little. But not enough to need Depends. I do have some control thankyouverymuch.

The heavens must’ve opened up.  Or at least thought I deserved a break from my water heater drama. And thank goodness too. Because after a brief conversation with the Client discussing just how difficult it would be to find a good looking recliner (that was decently priced), the layout for the husband’s office was approved – with four of them.

So just for you, dear readers, I’m sharing the holy grails of design.  But I beg of you… pay it forward.  If you see your fellow designer friend struggling to find just One. Good. Looking. Recliner.  Pass this blog on.

And tell them DCoop sent you.

You know what… buy them a drink too.  They probably need it.


Recliners of good design making an appearance:

Flight Recliner by Design Within Reach; Via here

The Paris by Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman; Via here

The Sedgwick by West Elm; Via here.

D.Coop was not compensated for this post.  Though a Motrin would have been nice.

Images courtesy of the respective manufacturers.




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Answering the Age Old Question – Where do I set my Drink?

TIG…. S? That’s right kiddies…. it’s Saturday.

Well, actually while writing this post it’s still Friday but give me a gimlet already.  I’m just happy that I can work from bed in my jammies. Wait.  How that is different from most any other day I’m not entirely sure but I’ll take it anyway.  Which reminds me, does any other couple have the “tuck vs. untuck” issue when it comes to sheets?  I swear, making that decision with the Mister in the room is like trying to determine the directionality of toilet paper.

Annnnyway.  I’ve been working diligently on a new project in Rancho Santa Fe.  When 6,200 square feet calls, you answer the GD phone.  I answered and now it’s fabric samples and tear sheets and interns. Oh My!  The oh my part was for the interns.  Not the fabric samples.  Or the tear sheets.  Just clarifying.

Needless to say, the age old question popped up.

Like it always does.

When it comes to seating arrangements.

Just where do you put your drink?



Often times, and this goes for commercial and residential projects equally, that little thought is put into just where that drink is going.  Be it a gimlet (my drink of choice), a Budweiser, or just a simple glass of water in the evening before bed (wus!), a location must be determined. In some cases this is the wide arm of the super soft leather sofa you’ve already bought.  But in most cases, a table is needed.  What kind of table you ask?  Well let me tell…. and show…. you!

Small, petite, tiny.  It all works.  Choose one that is 12 inches in diameter minimum up to 18 or 24 inches diameter maximum. 

Choose a piece even with or just lower than the arm of the chair it is adjacent.  Higher than and you are doing some weird arm flexes. No one likes a weird arm flex.

A wear friendly top is a must.  I like coasters but my friends, well nevermind.

Storage is an option, not a necessity.  Unless you need a place for coasters.

Use this as a creative opportunity.  Pack some punch with a great color, cool finish or oddball material.  Seriously!

Do you like?  I know I do!  Now get to picking.

Happy Drinking!!

Table Round-up, in order of appearance:

Side Table no. Four by The New Traditionalists via here

Taboret Stool/Side Table by Bungalow 5 via here

Primi Table by Phase Design via here

Dax Round Pull up Table by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams via here

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Kneepads are Completely Unnecessary.

But available for an up-charge……

Tonight’s post is for the ladies. Well, that and the guys like me who rule our home with an iron fist and a June Cleaver-esque frilly apron from Anthropologie over an awesome pair of wonderfully fitted 7-even jeans.  Disclaimer: Yes I own a frilly apron from Anthropology (Seriously I only go in there for the vintage dishes… and of course my once a year drag get up for Halloween) and Yes, I love 7-even jeans for the simple fact that everything fits the way it should and that means without seeing the waistband of my high priced underwear (Guys – I assumed they were Calvin Klein to begin with but I really don’t need to see the band to know… reminds me of that Brendan Frazier moment in Blast from the Past in which he asked hot-esque ex-boyfriend why he was wearing someone else’s underpants.  Soooo brings back memories.  Nevermind).  By the way, it’s Sunday…on a holiday weekend, which means this post is not completely professional.

You knew this woman RULED that roost!

ANYWAY…. I swear you should know by now how bad I am at staying focu… SQUIRREL!

OK so really, back to the ladies (and my other housewife brethren).  I love furniture.  I’m pretty sure that since you’re reading this blog that there is a good chance you love furniture too.  And if you’ve really been paying attention to my rants (Pop Quiz… what makes me bitchy again?) then you know that I like ’em a little green (and I don’t mean Benjamin Moore #2034-40… that’s Cedar Green to us designers).  But our house already looks like a storage facility for French hoarders and my other half is still questioning why I want an Eero Saarinen 72″ Tulip Dining Table with the “please lay on me naked” white marble top when we have a perfectly good dark wood table that we bought for our last house and just doesn’t quite work with the new decor (or the decor that is new this week…..).  The result is that getting a new piece of furniture takes either an act of Congress (we know how that is working out right now) or a favor. Kneepads… favor… ladies you know what I’m saying.

To be stereotypical, what do men like?  Or at least my man, the one who disappears when ESPN sends him a text?  SPORTS.  Epiphany!  How do you get a new piece of furniture into the house without the annoying rug burns?  Incorporate a sports theme!  I know, Shut up!  Even better… you don’t have to plaster NASCAR (personally I like Forumla 1 … hello Monaco Grand Prix!) or some uncoordinated sports team color combo (Orange + Green didn’t work the first time around) to get just what you want.

My gift to you ladies…. three REAL pieces of furniture that incorporate the best of both worlds.  You know, your need (yes it’s a need… like diamonds.  We CAN’T live without diamonds) for something that doesn’t scream out “pre-marriage bachelor pad” AND his incessant desire to be surrounded by high school locker room memories (or that one of the Hail Mary pass he threw when it was 23 to 22 and there were 10 seconds on the clock and…. ).

Super short shorts not included

Numero Uno – Baseline Cabinet by Søren Rose for Mater, $2,200 @ The Future Perfect

The Danes (I’m a 1/3rd) are always going a little batty for eco products and this one made of old high school gym floorboards is sure to bring back memories of having to climb the rope for some crazy of a gym teacher (we’ve all seen the TV show Coach… don’t lie, you know you did).

Get two and you can start a League

Le Deuxieme – Kingpin Bench by CounterEvolution, $1,295 and up @ CounterEV

I don’t know if we ever determined whether bowling was a sport or not but since the professional bowlers wear uncoordinated shirts with their names on them and Kingpin actually made it to the theaters BEFORE it went to DVD, we’ll let this bench, made entirely of recycled bowling alleys, into the mix.  Buy it and you won’t strike out. (we’re here all…, never mind, I’m here until I crash out for the night)

Put on your Livestrong bracelet!

Last One – Blackrocks Pub Table by Andy Gregg @ Bike Furniture

Admit it… ever since Armstrong won his 270th Tour de France you can’t resist yelling “Go Lance” every time someone rides by on their Schwinn.  At least I do.  Look… the table doubles as art, contains parts from what could be your neighbor’s stolen huffy, and was probably rode on (in part) by guys in very very tight short pants with corporate logos and water bottles.  And, seriously, what is a sport without guys in short tight pants (oops… gave away the only reason I watch football)?

So there it is.  You can take your divorce attorney off speed dial. Don’t worry… I’ll invoice you later.

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