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DCoop Sourcebook – Arteriors Ziggy Pendants

Is it me or when you hear the name Ziggy do you also think of the really short comic book character with the big nose and the very lanky cat?

I thought so.

I was hoping I wasn’t the only mentally unstable one on the internet.

Because that would be a travesty if I were.

So lighting.  You know that lighting is one of my loves.  A passion perhaps.  Not much of a fetish but I have felt bad about making googly eyes at pendants with seductive lines.  Like the hammered iron Ziggy Pendant Arteriors has decided to wave in front of me. I think they knew and were taunting me with it’s fabric cord (hello!  A Fabric Cord. I. Die.) and dimply gloss white powder coat finish.  And then there was that peep show of hammered brass under it’s otherwise demure exterior.

That’s right.  I said brass. 

Because Arteriors knows that Brass Kicks Ass.

Enough already.  Because I’m starting to feel like a boy reading his first issue of Playboy.

For the articles.

Just the articles.

Designer Tip: Remember months ago when I said to subtly introduce brass into your home for a bit of warmth?  Yeah.  This is the way to do it.  I’m thinking a grouping over the dining table to really give your diners a beautiful glow whilest gorging on an amazeballs homemade meal.  Or maybe to distract them from the burnt pumpkin pie (I’m speaking from experience).

Arteriors | Available to the Trade |

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items featured on the DCoop Sourcebook, shoot us an email.

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post. Though I’d gladly hang one of these if it were sent to me.

All images copyright DCoopMedia and may not be used without prior approval.

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My Chemical Romance – A Love Affair with Geeky Interiors

I have a confession to make.

I’m a bit of a geek.

No I didn’t major in Chemistry or win a science fair or participate in a Math-a-thon (that’s a Math Decathalon, not a sale that Toyota does every year to sell Carollas).  I wasn’t that geeky.  No offense to those of you that did any of those above.

But really, I like geeky stuff.  Vintage beakers. Chemistry sets. Atomic structures. I dig it.  And although you won’t find tape holding together my glasses, you will find a porcelain beaker from the late 1800’s gracing my bar.  (And framed Chloroform labels hung in my bathroom…..we’ll save that for another time)

So just what is a part of my chemical romance?

Via Factory 20

via Etsy

via Etsy

via Etsy

via Nervous System

Takes you back to AP Chem doesn’t it?

The DCoop Bloggie was not compensated for this post.  Nanu Nanu.

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Las Vegas – City of Lights

Let’s put it this way.

I’m laying in my hotel room in my pajamas after a very stimulating two days at the International Light Fair in Las Vegas.  No drink in hand but I did finish off a very fattening burger with bacon and blue cheese.

You know, because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  And that includes carbs. (This is not a scientific fact…)

So anyway… while I’m being lazy I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave you hanging.  A little walk around the strip resulted in a couple of great lighting installations. I mean, I AM here to see lighting.  So what if it happens to be lighting in the shopping arcade at The Aria.

You agree right?


The Chandelier Bar dripping with miles of crystals.

The very industrial meets Hollywood spot fixtures at All Saints.

An awesome light meets signage display.

A close up of the bottles as light sources.

All images via D.Coop and may not be reproduced without permission.

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Lighting – Inspired by Chic Cafes

So you should know me well enough by now to know that around this time of the week I don’t write my own posts.

Blame it on the Gin.  Blame it on trying to get everything ready for the Kitchen and Bath show next week (did I tell you all that I’m speaking on Wednesday?!  Be there people!).  Actually, blame it on all of my relatives this time for getting me sick and giving me a crappy cold that makes me all itchy and tingly.

Naturally, when stuff like that gets in the way, I turn to my awesome fan base and ask for help.  Ok… more like plead and whine until someone writes me a post.  This week is no different.

This week, the great peeps over at Arcadian Lighting offered to pitch in and give you a little design inspiration!

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hello! I’m Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a wonderful online resource for affordable light fixtures. Every day I get to search for beautiful interior design inspirations and then share them on lovely blogs, like D. Coop. Today, I’m delighted to share a collection of chic kitchens inspired by the sophisticated ambiance of cafes.

Chic Cafe

The high-back love seat in this corner breakfast nook would look right at home at a cozy cafe. The rustic table and chairs with such eclectic pendant lights creates a cool, funky atmosphere.

Chic Cafe

A sunny window seat with built-in benches creates the perfect spot for enjoying a cup of coffee and reading. Plenty of shelves and hidden drawers provide great storage.

Chic Cafe

I love the simplicity of this breakfast table and it’s banquette style seating. Simple folding chairs and an unique pendant light complete the scene.

Chic Cafe

The set of brightly colored French cafe chairs adds a certain stylish je ne sais quoi to this lovely kitchen. Plenty of natural light suits the cream and bright blue color palette.

Chic Cafe

This sophisticated kitchen is modeled after classic French cafe’s and restaurants. The ornate brass kitchen island light and corner table are such lovely accents in an already impressive room.

Chic Cafe

This dining room features a lengthy mirror, candle wall sconces and traditional chandelier lighting to create a breezy French cafe atmosphere. I love the dusty blue accent colors.

Chic Cafe

A charming robin’s egg blue and dark wood furniture are such a beautiful combination. The open shelving along the kitchen island provide the perfect place for displaying crisp white china.

Chic Cafe

There’s nothing quite so quintessentially French than stripes. The checkered floor and gilded cafe chairs† are especially chic.

†What do you think of this cafe inspired kitchens? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for a brilliant chandelier or pendant light to add a bit of sparkle to your kitchen! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7†| 8

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Lighting Explosions – But I Mean The Good Kind

Pow!  Blam!  Wowie!

I’m a great fan of Roy Lichtenstein’s work.  Emulating comic book printing pointilism and injecting industrial strength color, his works are massive pieces of commercial wonder.  Certainly one can love Warhol’s soup cans (Steve’s favorite Warhol is a fluorescent pink electric chair…. I should wonder) but when it comes to pop with a connection to childhood, Roy is your man.

Of course, I can’t actually afford any of his pieces on my meager designer salary.

Anyway, for years we designers have been pushing the idea of pops of color.  Hey, I’m a big fan.  It’s a proven method to liven up a home. Using something like lime green or citron yellow or magenta against a white or otherwise neutral background is a great mini explosion.

But if you recall, I’ve an addiction to lighting.  I can’t rid myself of it.  It’s like Coke (Diet or… um…. nevermind). And there is no twelve step program (unless we’re talking dimming) to cure myself.  At least I don’t remember seeing that in the Betty Ford pamphlet.

So my explosion of sorts?  It’s about glass and china and metal and…. Well you get the picture.  And since I love you, here are a few explosions of the lighting kind.  I guarantee most of them cost more than your car but tell me you’re not in love.

Boom Boom Burst – hand blown glass, atomic spears and the metal of the decade, brass, all combine for one spectacular display.  Better than the Fourth of July I’d say.

by Lindsay Adelman Studio via here

Porcha Miseria – who can resist a baby Budda?  I’m curious though, if I send Ingo my broken dishes, can I get a discount?

By Ingo Maurer via here

California Sunburst 27 – hand polished folds of brass result in a amplified burst of mid-century energy.

By Tony Duquette via Remains Lighting

Kopra Burst – powder coated steel orbs radiate from the bubble like center, a slightly more feng shui appropriate explosion.

By David Weeks for Ralph Pucci

D.Coop was not compensated for this post.  Though if any of the artists want to supplement my paltry salary by sending me one of the above chandeliers…. then I say go for it!

Images courtesy the artists.

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Steampunk and Etsy – Lighting my Life!

What happens when you combine my addiction to random Google searches, my need for vodka/soda, and my love of Etsy?  Yep, another post about lighting.  Rest assured, however, that this one is a good one because it not only supports the local economy (instead of those Big Box monsters) but you’ll also learn a little something about Steampunk.  If you’re like me, until tonight you’d probably never heard of Steampunk or if you had, figured it was something your teenage son listens to when he is avoiding doing his calculus homework. Turns out it is a decorative style. Like Victorian. Or Craftsman. Or Dorm Room Grunge.

As it would turn out, I kinda like the idea. Totally industrial.  A little chic. Handmade. Waaay adaptable to lighting design. Even better, highly available on Etsy (third in addict status to Twitter – the reigning champion, and Pinterest).

The Spider Light – A Steampunk Light Fixture

You know how sometimes you’ll click on those random “We thought you might like this” kinda searches?  Normally they don’t really help me at all and the only thing I learn is that search generators really don’t know me as well as they thought they did.  BUT, in an effort to determine just what the hell Steampunk really is (I still don’t know) I ran across this little beaut. It’s like spiders on your ceiling but the ones you actually want to be there. And with those white sockets and Edison filament lamps I’m totally swooning (and wanting one with just a few more arms since you know, spiders have eight legs).

$300 via Clarksallpurpose, Available in custom configurations

Retro Aqua Blue Edison Lamp

So I’m not one of those crazy interior designers who gives up on function just to get something pretty.  Oh who am I kidding.  I’m a designer by trade, of course I have!  So anyway, I’m thinking this fixture is like a little bit of good Karma meant to cover up/obscure/deny all of those little “But it’s so pretty….” moments. Look, it’s got a switch ON THE FRONT (instead of those horrible in-line things I can never find when it’s dark).  But even better?  Two outlets. That’s right kids… plug your iPhone right into the front of this baby and charge her up. Yeah… you know you need it now just ’cause I called it an iPhone accessory.

$50.00 via BenclifDesigns

*UPDATE* After this post hit the web, Benclif Designs sold this particular version.  However, check around his Etsy store as he’s got more like it!

Beer Bottle Vanity Lamp

No you haven’t been drinking.  Ok wait.  It’s Sunday night here in San Diego so you might actually have been drinking.  Let me preface by saying I’m not much of a beer drinker.  In fact, the only beer I can really stomach is rootbeer (with a shot of vodka for good measure). So it may come as a surprise to you that I’m totally smitten with this fixture. Beer Bottles. Big crazy pipe fittings. This is a serious fixture for a serious drinker with eco sensibilities. Or for me. One and the same I say. Bottoms up!

$155.00 via ZalCreations

Sconce Bookshelf with Accent Lighting

I’m going two for two on functionality tonight.  This is just not normal for me.  So think of it this way… back in the college days if you were a girl, light fixtures served all kinds of purposes.  They did double duty as jewelery holders, hanging racks, bra-dryers.  But us guys, well let’s just say that a light fixture was just that (and you ladies wonder why we’re soooo not creative). So guys, you thought the beer bottle sconce above was for you but SURPRISE this one’s for you too. Store your books (not the Penthouse, have some class) and get in a little light as well.

$109.00 via Stellableudesigns

All images via Etsy.

D.Coop received no compensation for this post.

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Mother Nature Updated: Chandeliers for Mama’s New Digs

I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now that I swoon over awesome lighting.  Seriously.  I’ve got a kink in my neck to prove it.   I can’t help it…. great lighting makes a space.  Bad lighting…well… it can bring a design to it’s knees quicker than Edison could file patents for filaments.  Moral of the story – if it is in the bargain bin of your favorite Orange Box retailer you may want to rethink your purchase.

ANYWAY, lately I’ve enjoyed this emergence of chandeliers inspired by the world’s most famous designer, one Ms. Mother Nature (I use Ms. but rumors have spread that she had a love/hate relationship with Father Time and that is how the calendar was born, or maybe it was the font Helvetica that was created….).  Keep in mind, I don’t mean super literal tree branch interpretations as we’ll leave those to 7 figure McCabins in Vail and Jackson Hole.  I thought I’d pull from the bowels of my memory bank a few organically inspired chandeliers that would be right at home in our favorite Mother’s updated digs.

First up is one Mr. Jason Miller. A Brooklynite who is credited with starting the “Back to Nature” movement a few years back, his translation of antlers in ceramic have me opening up another credit line with American Express to hang 12 Antlers above my dining table.  Some might say that once antlers hit Pottery Barn’s shelves they were passe, Jason’s pieces will stand the test of time (especially considering that the chandelier can be ordered in red, orange, gold and … heaven help us… chrome!). I want… badly!

Jason Miller's Superordinate Antler Chandelier - 12 Antlers

Jason Miller through Roll and Hill

Let me share a secret with you.  I have a crush on one Ms. Lindsey Adelman.  In my book she’s a lighting rockstar because I happened to stumble on her very fabulous, very chic Branching Bubbles light fixture.  It’s like lighting heaven.  If Mother Nature had lived in a Neutra Case Study house, this would be the fixture she’d have.  You know what makes me so crazy about this fixture?  The pure notion that the same oil rubbed bronze delicate branch of handblown globes could be phenomenally awesome in both a simple mid-century dream in Conneticut as well as an ornately over carved Victorian manse.  Even Father Time might stick around for awhile to gaze.

11-Globe Branching Bubble by Lindsey Adelman Studio

Lindsey Adelman through Lindsey Adelman Studio

Maybe the Brits have a stronger relationship with the Big Mama Nat because they’ve been around just a tad longer.  The result is that they’ve got a few secrets to tell and there is one Mr. James Plumb that tells them pretty well.  Ok so maybe this one isn’t a true chandelier but it has three pendants and is perfect for Mother Nature’s boudoir.  Large scale roses + matte paint (or emulsion to respect the designer) + multiple Squirrel Case lamps make for one simply beautiful fixture.

Tesselating Ceiling Roses by UK designer James Plumb

James Plumb through James Plumb

For the last we turn to the pages of my latest addiction – Etsy.  One of my favorite of our Mother’s creations is the bubble.  You heard it here…. I like bubbles (and not MJ’s monkey….).  And who better than Brooklyn based designer studio PELLE to recreate those delicate, fragile creations in none other than leather (hello?!) and 24K gold leaf.  Gilding, my friends, is what makes this world go around.  Momma Wants. I Want. Done and Done.

PELLE's 24K Gold Large Bubble Chandelier PELLE

PELLE through

Alright kids…. off to do the Mother’s work.


A Needle in a Haystack – my mini guide to choosing LEDs

So after yesterday’s post regarding the new LED products at the IES Product Showcase I thought I’d delve a little deeper into the world of LEDs.  Being that I’ve made almost a complete switch to LED based lighting in my projects and that I’m pushing others to attempt to do the same, I get asked A LOT what I use to determine my LED selection. So I’m here to tell you that it isn’t a horrible process but it does involve doing ones homework.  Even more so, you’ll probably need to talk to your reps (you know, those people that are supposed to come around from time to time and update your binders and bring you Red-Velvet cookies) so if you’re an utter introvert then you may want to pawn this task off to your interns.  With that disclaimer aside, following are some notes to consider when choosing LED based fixtures.


Technology isn’t always about youth

  • Look for Manufacturers with history or backing.  I think as designers we have a tendency to fail to ask this question, breezing past the who and going straight for the “ooooo…. Pretty!”.  We all do it.  I’ll own up to having done it before.  But this is a biggie.  Remember, an LED is going to be around for 40,000… 50,000…70,000 hours which equates to not months but YEARS in lifespan, especially in residential construction. Look for manufacturers with either years under their belt (Philips, for example, has been around since 1891; Sylvania was established in 1901) or with the backing of a major corporation (Cooper Lighting is the parent company to some 20 brands including LED newcomer NeoRay).  Be weary of newcomers to the market place if they don’t have one of the above in place. I’m not saying don’t use them, just to pay attention to the details if they don’t.  A warranty means nothing without a company to honor it.
  • Look for fixtures assembled in the States or Western Europe (and of course Canada!). I know I know, I’m going to force Buy American a little (and maybe a little Go Germany!) This is one of those major places where you’re going to see a change in quality.  The majority of LEDs are made overseas in the Far East.  You just can’t get away from that. But the real difference in quality happens after the LEDs reach their assembly point and get attached to a circuit board.  To ensure a quality light output an assembly man must group LEDs by like colors.  Consistency is key.  My apologies to my Far Eastern readers, but unfortunately someone making the equivalent of bus fare per day is not putting a ton of effort into assembling your fixture.  (Yes Virginia, this WILL reflect in the price of the fixture)  As an aside, think of it as supporting the mid-western factory worker (cue violin and tear-jerking infomercial).

Who knew two letters were so important?

  • Look for the UL Listing.   I think everyone would be surprised that I’d even throw this one out there but yes, I’ve seen retrofit LED lamps missing the ubiquitous Underwriters’ Laboratories label (CSA for the Canadians; CE for our Euro neighbors) .  This is independent, third party testing to make sure when you wire it the fixture in, it isn’t going to send shock waves through your electrical systems.  If it isn’t labeled with your respective testing laboratory’s label either a) the manufacturer doesn’t have the financial backing to go through the necessary tests (which aren’t that expensive but do require you test each variation of a system and not just the components), b) is REALLY new to the market and may be jumping the gun a bit, or c) all of the above.  Look for it. If it doesn’t have your label, steer clear.

OMG! Where’s the d**m socket?!

  • Ensure the lighting source can be replaced in the event of failure. This is a biggie my friends!  Currently the biggest difference between lower end LED fixtures and off the shelf incandescent/fluorescent fixtures is in how the lighting source is replaced.  In an incandescent/fluorescent fixture you simply unscrew the lamp, run down to Lowe’s (or your basement/kitchen/linen closet/children’s room), grab a new fixture (hopefully in the event of Lowe’s you paid for it first) and then screw it into the socket.  LEDs aren’t so simple.  Remember, LED’s are attached directly to a circuit board and then into the fixture (kinda like the geeks at Radio Shack).  Anyway, when they fail (in 5 or 8 or 10 years) the WHOLE circuit board needs to be replaced.  Look for fixtures in which the circuit board can be removed from the fixture housing rather than those that require you to trash the entire fixture.  Cooper’s new linear line is a great example of a board that can be removed without trashing the whole fixture.  Less waste. Reminder: this is where manufacturer backing comes into play…. you’ll want a company that is around in ten years so you can still buy the replacement board.

THIS is the way to even bigger energy savings.

  • Look for dimmable LEDs.  This is where the assumptions come into play.  NOT all LEDs can be dimmed. Even more so, it is typically the least expensive models that are the non-dimmable types.  Keep this in mind: if you can reduce the power usage of an LED 10% by providing an appropriate dimmer (more on these in a later post) you’re further expanding the fixture’s life span by 10%.  Example: a LED with a 50,000 hour rated life span (6250 8-hour days) with a 10% increase adds 5,000 hours or nearly 2 years of 8 hour days to its life span…. Cha-Ching!). I could get into the whole power savings versus incandescent and fluorescent thing but that requires complicated math, etc. etc. (and since I just had a glass of wine I’m not going there). In the end, get dimmable lamps.  They may cost a little more but the savings in the long term are substantial.
  • Do not make price your first quantifier. Remember when your mother said “You get what you pay for”? (mine used to say “if you keep doing that to your face, it will stay that way”…. strangely she was right).  Well it goes doubly so for LEDs. If you make price your first target item you’ll end up with some crappy off the shelf product sold to you by an acne ridden teenager in an orange vest and after installing it for the third time your idea of LEDs will forever be jaded.  And then you’ll forever be reading your $150 a month electric bills in the glow of your 75 watt incandescent lamp.  I promise.  Scouts Honor.  At this point in the market, expect a good quality, 5 inch (127 millimeters for our Euro friends) diameter LED recessed down light with trim to run in the $150 to $200 per fixture range. Not horrible but of course not the same as a 60W CFL housing and trim. If you’re going square or trim-less or wall washing or ??? (there are a boatload of options) then you’re up from there.  Either way, spending a little bit more ensures better quality components (with names you can pronounce like Cree and Lutron), more precision assembly, and overall consistency in light output.  So you can no longer afford the $6,000 Kohler Numi toilet when you go LED, but you’ll have a lighter conscious.
  • THE BIGGEST ONE OF ALL – SEE THE FIXTURE IN PERSON.  Let me say it again.  Call your rep and ask to get hold of the actual fixture with the actual light source that you can plug into your wall outlet and check it out.  If you forget all of the above, please at least remember this little byte. I love my reps but never ever take a brochure/mfg statement/rep’s pleading at face value.  Seriously.  No matter how many bottles of wine and red velvet cookies they plow you with see the darned thing light up.  LEDs are an investment and you’d never throw money at a company without seeing it first.  I’ve only made this mistake once and let me tell you, it was a nauseating mistake because after allowing the contractor to provide a sight-unseen alternate, the entire room flickered.  When I say flicker I don’t mean Paul-Revere-candle-from-afar flicker, I mean full on spazz flickering that made at least two of us cover our eyes and run out.  My mistake…. learn from it grasshopper. (Just to let you know how geeky I am…. I own a real-live demo of my favorite LED downlight.  It sits mostly in my car going from client to client.  No I did not work for Radio Shack.  Yes, I can program my VCR…. when I had one).

So there you have it…. a few things to keep in mind when specifying LED based fixtures.

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It’s an LED frenzy! The IES 2011 Lighting Showcase

I’m coining 2011 the year of the LED.  With LightFair in Philly having ended, manufacturers and their reps are letting the new products trickle back to those of us waiting patiently on the West Coast.  Having happened the same week as the Hospitality Design Expo in Las Vegas, there wasn’t much of a showing of great (not so decorative) lighting from the MFG crowd and for that, I was a bit disappointed in this years HDExpo festivities (minus the dinner with Wolf Gordon which I kinda remember but not completely due to no fewer than three Golden Dragons or Ornate Dragons or STRONG Dragons…. something like that.  A story for another time).

ANYWAY (do I go off on tangents or what?) those who know me know I am a major proponent of the push for LEDs in commercial and residential spaces.  As a result I either a) tend to quickly sell my clients on the benefits of the LED market, b) have a working LED module from Elite on the front seat of the Beast, and c) will specify LEDs in my designs whether the clients as for them or not.  After completing the BendBroadband Vault late last year, I have a massive knowledge base of just how difficult it is to find a quality product in the LED marketplace.  This year, however, proved that it might just be getting easier. Even more so, the good stuff is finally coming down in price so you can upgrade your door hardware (did I show you the great stuff from HD? … Sorry, another tangent) AND go LED instead of feeling guilty about giving up one for the other.  So on to my three faves for last night’s showing…..(By the way, clicking the titles will link you to the actual product)

1. Philips’ Capri LED Display Fixture

Image Courtesty Philips Lighting

Personally I am a big fan of the Philips brand and what they’re doing for LEDs.  BBVault was completed using some 40 Philips Omega square LED downlights in conjunction with the other 260 fixtures.  This year, they’ve upped the ante with their LED display luminaire which I’ve been told (and can imagine) is not just limited to display fixtures.  Coming in 12, 24, 36, and 48 inch lengths and temperatures of 4000K and 3000K (Cool white and warm white respectively), these fixtures can serve a multitude of uses.  I think my fave from the rep is that a designer used these under the toekicks of millwork in an assisted living facility.  Plug and Play connections (think round peg in round hole and you’re done) allow for a combination of up to 60 watts worth in a single run (did I mention that 60 watts will easily cover some 8 feet of these things?).

2. Cooper Lighting’s Linear LED Platform

Courtesy Cooper Industries

Courtesy Cooper Industries

Instead of picking out just one fixture from Cooper’s line up I’m going straight for the platform because of its multitude of uses. Many companies already have the quintessential linear LED fixture (I should know, I needed them for the Oregon project) but fewer excel in two places – 1) the ability to change out the LED circuit board should it fail without replacing the entire fixture (think: waste) and 2) the availability of Lay-In troffers for suspended ceilings in commercial applications.  Cooper Lighting is one of the few that have thought of both.  Teaming up with Neo-Ray, Fail-Safe and Ametrix, the Cooper Linear LED Platform incorporates linear recessed fixtures (which can be installed as lit corners and Ls), cove fixtures, and most importantly TROFFERS!  According to the literature your lumens per watt is nearly 76 on a 2×2 fixture which is huge considering the same fixture as a T5HO fluorescent is only 57 lumens per watt.  Hello Ms. Savings! This is big for the world of Tenant Improvements.  Pair with a Lutron system and you might as well get paid by the power company.

3. Visa Lighting’s Mystique Collection

Courtesty Visa Lighting

Courtesy Visa Lighting

Ok… enough with the boring stuff right?  I like fun interesting fixtures and Visa did not disappoint this year. In fact, I was pleasantly suprised since I’m always weary of lesser known companies trying to make their mark in the LED world.  They’ve created a fixture which, when paired with their recessed light box, looks like acrylic bubbles in ellipse, teardrop, straight, frame and several other shapes popping out from the wall.  More so, the back plates are paintable (order a pre-primed unit) or come in 32 standard finishes so no one ever knows the housing is there. For kicks, if you send them a design in any number of file types, they can custom cut back plates for your own design.  Can someone say hotel room numbers?  Heck, throw it on an emergency back up and have EXIT signs made in your own fonts.

Fun stuff right?  If anyone has any questions about LEDs in commercial spaces please feel free to contact me.  I’ve spent a lot of time combing materials and would love to help out where I can.