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The Scene – San Diego’s Mission Brewery

It’s Sunday night.

Well actually, by the time you’re reading this it’s actually Monday morning.

Sorry for the confusion. 

That is unless you’re in some weird space time continuum that I can’t even understand let along talk about. (shhh… it’ll be our little secret)

So anyway, I was going to write you a humdinger of a Sunday night post.

But then we drank beer.  And all was not lost. 

Well, not entirely lost but enough to keep most sane words from leaving my head and filtering through my fingers until they became pixelated dots on your computer screen (or smartphone for my nomadic readers).  I’m sure you’re surprised because I’m not exactly one to talk beer all the time.  I think one of my biggest search terms is “Gin” and for the most part, Klout still thinks I’m highly influential in Vodka even though I haven’t touched the stuff in some 6 months (I switched to gin….). In fact, I so rarely drink beer that friends look at me funny when I let the foamy head get anywhere near my perfectly pouty lips.

So it should come as a big surprise that we spent part of our day enjoying a private tour of San Diego’s Mission Brewery in the historic Wonderbread Building.  It was a game day (meaning the Padres were attempting to win…. I don’t follow sports so for all intensive purposes they might have and they now hate me…) which always ups the ante just a bit.

I’d love to share with you how beer is made, the process of fermentation, or how much time is spent perfecting a recipe but unfortunately, we were drinking.  Like normal.  And so I’ll share with you just what we took away from this tour.

My apologies to Adam for him trying to teach us about beer and instead us encouraging him to curse.

1. Hops come from Unicorns.

2. It really is fun to remake the opening scene from Laverne & Shirley.

3. That Mission Brewery should make potpourri from the aroma of their German hops.

I know….

Many thanks to Adam for putting up with our childish antics today!

I will only leave you with this:

Mission Brewery | 1441 L Street . San Diego |

D.Coop was not compensated for this post.  In fact, I’m sure we’re banned for life.

Images via DCoopMedia and may not be used without permission.

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The Scene – Jonathan Adler and I Become Best Buds

Ok so maybe not best buds.

That might be a bit of an exaggeration but whatever.  I was drinking.  I put my arm around his waist.  I smiled for a paparazzi picture.

So in my mind we’re best buds. 

Best Buds like a Kardashian is with US Weekly.  Without the money.  Or fake boobs.  Mine are real.

Just how did all of this go down you ask?  Well…. Funny you should ask. Being at Neocon in Chicago this last week meant that my calendar was chock full of, among other things, cocktail parties.   And by now you should know me and cocktail parties.  At last count, Monday after my arrival had 12 of them in my calendar.  Not that I went to all of them mind you (my liver would have shut down and I’d be writing this post as a zombie) but I’ve always had this theory – RSVP to all of them and decide later.

However, there was one that was a not-to-miss as far as I was concerned.  Kohler has never been one not to have a great party.  Their KBIS and Westweek parties have been known to be smashing successes and so I couldn’t resist.  Dabbing a bit of Chanel on each wrist I braved the 85 degree 100% humidity weather known as “Chicago in the Spring” to get in my 15 seconds of Kohler/Adler fame.

This season, the soiree was an event to celebrate a colorful collaboration with Adler.   I know I know, you only want to hear about Adler.  How tall is he.  How nice is  he.  How single is he.  But alas, the four new colors he’s introduced to Kohler’s otherwise conservative color palatte took center stage.  Think Piccadilly Yellow.  Or Annapolis Navy.  How about Palermo Blue? Let’s not forget Greenwich Green.  I’m in love.  With the colors.  Not Adler.  Ok, maybe just a little with Adler. He did design my favorite Palm Springs hotel (The Parker Meridien).

Needless to say, the colors are special edition.  Which means only one thing – Get them before I do.  because I will run you down like an soon-to-be bride at Filene’s basement if I have to miss out.

And just in case you were curious…. those hot galls on my arm are the model-esque Adele Young of VDL Interiors and dashing Barbara Segal of #IntDesignerChat fame.  I’m one lucky guy.

Eat your heart out Simon Doonan.

All images copyright D.Coop and can not be used without permission.



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The Scene – Calypso Home and HGTV’s Jordan Cappella

Did I say Jordan Cappella?

I did.  And you know you’re jealous because seriously, I’m all for a man with an accent.  So in episode one of DesignStar he didn’t remove his shirt like David Bromstad of Color Me In Love With His Abs fame (side note: my fingers insist on typing it shurt; like seven times I retyped it) but hello Mr. Accent!

I’m voting for him.


Most of my LA friends think I’m a bit crazy.  Come to think of it, most of my friends period think I’m a bit crazy.  I’ll own up to it though.  I admit that there is a straight jacket somewhere with my name embroidered into the lapel. Do straight jackets have lapels?  The reason for my craziness is that I quite often make the 103.7 mile jaunt to Los Angeles from San Diego to attend parties where pretty fabric and super sexy furniture are the center of attention.

An invitation to Brentwood’s Calypso Home meant I was back in the car singing at the top of my lungs to Kenny G.  Fortunately for me, Mr. G was the only disappointing point of the evening.   Can we talk about pillows for a minute?  Some of you might remember the scene from Along Came Polly where Ben Stiller takes out his pent up divorced aggressions on a series of throw pillows (and then his mattress…. long story).  Stiller would have had a field day because there was a WALL of pillows.  Yeah, a shit load of pillows.

I said shit.  Hehe.

But seriously, I wanted to take home half the store.  Between the asymmetric porcelain pendants in the window, the knitted wall clocks, and the metal table with the wood herringbone top, I was looking for the nearest U-Haul rental facility.  And we’re not talking a little 3 foot U-Haul.  We’re talking the big one with the Grandma’s Attic.

You’re still thinking about the knitted clocks aren’t you?  Or Jordan’s take on the importance of the letter “u”.

Can I get a candle now?

Calypso Home

Brentwood Country Mart . 225 26th Street . Suite 39

Santa Monica . California

D.Coop was not compensated for this post. Though a candle would be nice.

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