Letter From an Eternal Cynic – 7C

Dear 7C –

I thought I’d settled in for a quiet single hour flight.  I scoped out the perfect endcaps in an otherwise filling airplane – an elderly woman nearly falling asleep in her copy of Fifty Shades, and an off duty pilot.

And then you came along.

The plane was full.  And the pilot?  Well he was just along for the ride.

So you took his place.

And my peace.

Quite possibly my sanity.

Certainly my Bombay Sapphire up with two olives had settled in. But you had a baby.

Cute. But active.

And you?  I was never quite sure if we were experiencing turbulence or if you’d just let yourself drop back into your seat as if someone had simply cut your strings and let you loose like dead weight in a mob movie jostling me back to reality from whatever level of drowsy I’d managed to succumb.  And I’m sure you were attempting crude Morse code with your overhead light (though I’m assuming your wife ten rows back was enjoying her peaceful nap because she never did quite get the message) so wonderfully pointing in my direction.

And lest I forget, I’m a bit of a size queen.  So though you had wonderfully large, potentially delectable shoulders, and I’m sure you use them well, I prefer the full 17.25 inches allotted to me by Southwest.  There are just some places where an inch makes all the difference.

Yours Truly,

An Eternal Cynic

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Hue Injections – The Cure for Chromophobia

*Cue late night infomercial music*

Do you suffer from Chromophobia?

Does color scare you so badly you run from the room with your hands over your ears screaming at the top of your lungs like a Pomeranian seeing the mailman for the first (or thirtieth) time anytime someone (like your designer) pulls out a fan deck?

Does the term Pantone illicit night terrors that ensure your husband has bruises behind his knees from all of the kicking?

Does the sales lady at Bloomingdales know you as the “Lady in White” because you haven’t bought colored linens since the Nixon administration?

Fear not my pigmentally challenged readers because I’m here to help you.

Or make it worse.  I can’t help all of you.


So just what is a girl to do when she desperately needs a shot of color but can’t get past the single most annoying shade in the entire world (antique white and it’s variants…..)?

Funny you should ask…..

Start Small

I know that everyone says Go Big or Go Home. And normally I’m all for the “just jump in the pool feet first and experience the shock once instead of over and over and over and….” But I totally understand.  Sometimes it’s scary.  It’s like standing at the top of the bunny slope with a snowboard strapped to your feet and hoping to the Holy Baby Jesus that you don’t hit another person or, worse, the one lone tree on the entire slope that some nitwit left when they designed the course.  It’s like cooking for your Mother-in-law for the very first time.

Normally the advice is to buy a pillow or an accessory or … that embodies the color that you think you may or may not want to commit to.  Sure this is fun and all but it’s sort of like taking a car on a test drive – no real reason to commit unless you’re somehow overly lazy and forget to return it.  Paint is another trick we designers use to get a little commitment out of our clients since once it’s on the wall who really wants to go back and paint over neon green?  Not me. Because I wear more of said paint than I put on the wall. I can’t help it.

So I like to take it just one step further.  I will sew and/or laquer the damn color right into your furniture.  Aha!
True commitment! What are you going to do?  Have your eight foot sofa reupholstered when I leave?  Gonna lug the rather expensive lounge chair out to the garage because you’re afraid you may be swallowed in to the space that always manages to collect enough change to bail out Greece?  Or to at least buy you a McD’s cheeseburger.

As my other half would say, Simmah Down Now.

I’m not going to push you off the deep end and force you to cover every square inch of something in one deep vibrant color.  I’m not that mean. Well… most days anyway.  BUT… we’re going to find one detail and we’re going to go all gangbusters.

A keyhole opening in the side of a wingchair upholstered in a swatch of deep teal.

The underside of a table leg deliciously picked out in red like the underside of a Louboutin heel.

The stitching of a white cotton sofa hemmed in tangerine.

See where I’m going with this?  It’s less “get married on the first date” and more “I’ll meet your parents but I’m still keeping my apartment”.  Semi-commitment without the 1-carat emerald cut diamond.

And it might actually make you step just a little further outside of your comfort zone.

Or you’ll hate me.

And then you’ll leave me anonymous comments at which point I’ll comment back and we’ll have to make up over Twitter.

And it’s hard to make up in 140 characters.

*Shameless Self Promotion Below*

Looking for a Hue Injection of your own?  Give me a shout and let me help take the phobia out of incorporating color.  Or maybe I’ll be adding the “Homo” in “Chromo”.  Either way….

All images via DCoopMedia except [4]

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DCoop Sourcebook – Feizy’s Arushi Collection

No no, this Sourcebook is not about something that may or may not have been from a version of Mario Brothers.

I’ve probably already made you want pizza and maybe to go out and squash some mushroom looking creatures in order to save a princess horribly dedicated to the color pink.

I apologize for my moment of nerdiness right there.


Remember those rag rugs that grandma used to make for the log cabin?  Hers were probably in hideous colors and felt worse on bare feet than a Brillo pad on stainless steel cookware.  That wasn’t such a pleasant memory was it?  What if said rag rug was in bright, effervescent colors and woven from silk?  Pinch me because it might be a dream.

In the word’s of Pedro, Feizy will “make all of your wildest dreams come true”.

The Arushi Collection, from Feizy‘s Home collection, offers effortless style and casual comfort (those are their words, not mine).  Personally I’m thinking it’s grandma’s bungalow meets 21st century awesomeness all wrapped up in a hemp bow.  I’m hoping that sounded like a compliment.  Four sizes (the pre-requisites up to 8’x11’), six colors (including Orange… HAWT!), and woven in India with recycled Kela silk, the collection makes for a pretty cool addition to the modern Undecorated home. Not to mention the pricing is extremely competitive for a handmade rug.

Designer Tip: Think of these rugs as a true pop in an otherwise monochromatic space.  Personally I’m seeing white linen slipcovers and limed oak furniture in a simple setting using the Aqua as a major foot friendly focal point.  They’re a true burst of color that would be crazy easy to change out for the seasons.

Feizy | Available to the Trade | www.Feizy.com

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items featured on the DCoop Sourcebook, shoot us an email.

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post. Except for a glass of wine.

All images copyright DCoopMedia and may not be used without prior approval.


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Me, London, and Blogtour

It’s Wednesday and guess what, it’s raining here in Las Vegas.

I know right?


And it was kinda cold. Makes you want to stay in side.

Kinda reminded me of the last time I was in London.

And what I hope it will be like in London again in September when My lovely readers all vote for me to fill in the last remaining spot on The Modenus BlogTour London.

What you say? There is one more spot?

Why yes and it was this morning when I landed that I received the tweet that I’d been “nominated” to join the elite that is BlogTour.

So do your part (pretty please!) and head over to the Blogtour site and vote for yours truly Mr. Brandon Smith.

Because one small London step is a whole ton of photos for you!

Vote here.

Hugs and kisses!

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DCoop Sourcebook – Golden Gate Furniture Company

Let’s be honest.  I’m addicted to automobiles.

And anything related to automobiles.

Except oil and grime.

And gas prices.

Because I think it’s safe to assume we all hate those (especially my Euro friends who have to pay by the litre!).

So this morning when an email popped up from a company with close ties to the big orange bridge just north of San Fran, I couldn’t help but not delete it.  I told you I couldn’t resist.

I was pleasantly surprised. 

As we all know, industrial and Steampunk are all the rage.  I knew what one was but it wasn’t until I spent a little time on Etsy that I figured out the other. And aside from the random goggles and Victorian garb made of metal, I’m all for it. Steampunk that is.  But this isn’t Steampunk.  This is more industrial meets automotive chic.  Are you sufficiently confused yet?  That’s what I get for writing at 12:30 am the morning of a long weekend vacation with the in-laws.  At least there is no spelling typos.  Yet.

So anyway, that hard part about using industrial components in an interior scheme is that it can start to feel a little overused.  A little too “normal”.  Look at the explosion we’ll call the Edison lamp.  One restaurant in the back alleys of Portland attaches one to their bar and the next thing you know, half of the United States has lamps with carbon filaments.  You get the point.

The point is that it’s generally tough to make an industrial inspired interior stand out from the others.  Unless you’re a picker on TLC and wander into some guy’s barn with 100 year old signage. And a turbine.

Which is why I’m smitten by the Golden Gate Furniture Company. 

The skinny is this – in 1993 a signifigant portion of the pedestrian handrail from the Golden Gate Bridge was replaced.  56 years of sea and salt had done its damage.  Upon hearing (via radio no less) that the contractor chosen by the transportation department had not determined the end all for the removed sections, Richard Bulan (the founder and a Bay Area native) determined that a section needed to become his headboard.  However, considering each section was nearly 12 feet in length, he ended up with not one, but four pieces of automotive art with a historical provenance.  A long story made short, friends wanted one too and the Golden Gate Furniture Company was born.


But what I really dig is that Bulan has left the historical integrity of the removed steel sections intact.  Rivets are left in place.  Random details are utilized.  And although the original finish has all but deteriorated, he continues to paint his furniture pieces in the original International Orange using the same methods and techniques used in 1937.

GGFC has a number of pieces, most notably the headboards that started it all, but my favorites are easily the tables.  The occasional table is a monster of an accent with three very hefty legs and a 3/4″ glass top.  My ultimate favorite? The club table with the super thick Claro walnut top.  It’s a supreme blend of industrial meets mother nature.  I guess you could say it’s a fabulous compliment considering Mother Nature is exactly where this whole thing was started.

And before I forget, every piece is limited and once the supply of steel has run out, that’s it.

Alright… I think it’s bed time.  Or time to pack.  Not sure which.

Golden Gate Furniture Company | www.ggbfurniture.com

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items featured on the DCoop Sourcebook, shoot us an email.

DCoop was not compensated for this post.  At least, no section of pedestrian railing has shown up at my house as of July 27th.

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The Open Road – Pebble Beach

I’m a fan of countdowns. 

They get you excited.  They remind you that something awesome is around the corner.  Though the one downside to countdowns is the inevitable piddle stain on the carpet because you just couldn’t contain your anticipation.

I’m guilty of that from time to time.

Though I have hardwood floors.

And a dog.

It’s easy to blame piddle marks on the dog.

Because she’s a dog.

If you haven’t already noticed, I like to talk about cars on this little ole’ blog of mine.  I can’t help but talk about the Audi R8 or the Bentley EXP concept or the really hideous Aston Martin Lagonda SUV concept.  It might be ugly as all get up but I still want to talk about it.

Which brings me to my own personal countdown.

21 Days. That’s right readers, 21 days and I’ll be off to Carmel for a few days of NOTHING BUT CARS.  Vintage automobiles. Brand new super cars. And of course a little personal one on one time with the Bentley GTC W12. It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. I may have to bring more than one change of pants.

So if you notice that there is a little number in the bottom of my blog posts just remember that it’s me getting all excited.

And trying not to piddle on the floor.

Images via [1] [2]

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The Closet – Shoelaces & Anchors

Now let me say first and foremost that I have a tiny closet.

Remember that video I posted a few weeks back?  New York’s tiniest real estate?  My closet is the size of his apartment.


Actually, my little bungalow was built in 1915 so yes, my closet is a bit on the smallish size.  I blame it on smaller people back at the turn of the century. They must’ve been.  Had to have been.  Maybe that explains why my doors are so narrow as well.  Makes you think.

Anyway…. now that we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way, welcome to Tuesday and the very first installment of The Closet.  That’s right, the DCoop Bloggie is no longer a fashion virgin.  I love me a little fashion.  And I’m always looking for an excuse to add to my not quite overflowing closet.  So The Closet is your chance to catch a sneak peek into not only my mini shopping sprees, but also wonderful artisan made pieces and my little finds (some of which might just make it to the DCoopHome Etsy site).

And ladies…. I love ya but The Closet will focus on the guys.  I know I know.

So today?

Well I’ve been a bit bad.  In preparation for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance next month, my fingers are doing a little shopping.  I just can’t help myself.  The vintage vehicles can’t be the only thing well dressed in Monterey this year!

Gens du Monde is a Toronto based company.  All of their bracelets and necklaces are nautical inspired. When I ran across the anchor bracelet I couldn’t help myself.  I knew I had to have one.  Let’s just hope that it doesn’t get snaked in customs.

Gold Anchor Bracelet in Grey – $28.00

Gens du Monde

Sometime ago I ran across a photo on Pinterest of a pair of Wing-Tips with colored laces. My Louis Vuittons just have the plain ole’ black waxed laces.  So I scoured every store I could think of in San Diego looking for colored laces.  Finally.  Finally!  California company Hook + Albert, known mostly for their well fitted men’s socks, have made my day!  And guess what?  Now the Louis will have pink flambe laces for the next tradeshow.

Dress Shoelaces, 30″, Lake Blue & Pink Flambe – $14.00

Hook + Albert

D.Coop was not compensated for this post.

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Mama Needed Some Sleep But….

It’s been quiet round these parts hasn’t it? 

I mean aside from my constant rambling and oversharing of information on Twitter (seriously you guys had to be around for today’s NestChat with the infamous Lola since we ended up talking about the virtues of the Australian Olympic Swim Team…. yeah, you know what I’m talking about) I’ve actually been rather speechless when it comes to filling in the ranks.

So I owe you a few posts. 

How about I just share some virtual champagne with you and we call it a day.  HA!

I assure you that all this quiet is worth it.

I’m writing up a storm.  I’m drinking a ton (crap, had to rewrite that since I had originally typed “drunking”.  I seriously need to stop drinking those late night margaritas!). And working up a “shitton” (call Webster….) of new content.  Not to mention that there is a new website in the works AND the starts of DCoopMedia, the newest arms (or legs?) of the DCoop family of companies.

So anyway… have your first cup of coffee.  Do a little work.  And tune back in over the next few days to see and learn about some of the craziness I call the blog.


Clients with Big Houses #FirstWorldProblems – Very Mary Kate

I have clients with big houses.

In fact I have one client with whom I joke that I can fit my entire bungalow in her living room.  She thinks I’m joking.  I’ve actually measured. It’s true.

Ok maybe not but it still makes for a funny conversation.

Anyway…. considering that tomorrow is the Fourth of July (Happy Independence Day!…. Independence from everything but cleaning my house for a BBQ later….) I thought I’ve give you a little light humor about someone with a much bigger house….

Confession: I’m in love with Very Mary Kate….. So follow her.  Well not literally but her blog.  Literally is just a little too stalkerish.  And we don’t advocate being a stalker.  Unless, that is, you’re stalking any of the characters from Magic Mike.

Support a Starving Blogger – Buy My Postcards! <3

What happens when you give me a camera, put me on a beach and then make me tweet late night with couture stationer Angel Robinson?

If you said “Trouble” you’re only partially right.

If you guessed “Postcards” you win the grand prize.**

Angel and I have known each other for a number of months.  Actually closer to a year.  And even though we’ve never actually met in person, AT&T thinks we’re family.  Thank goodness for NationWide Unlimited plans!  I believe that for 11 of those 12 months she’s been trying to, begging to, pleading pretty please for me to share some of the images that I’ve been hoarding.  I’ve always held back simply because I’m not the photographer everyone thinks I am.  But I finally relented.

And the result? A line of postcards.

[cue Sarah McLaughlin]

But not just any postcards.  Bona Fide awesome postcards featuring seven amazeballs images of Coronado.  And guess what… you can support not one but two starving bloggers by jumping over to the WriteRobinson Zazzle store and ordering a few (hundred) of them for yourself!   By ordering just one of these wonderfully printed cards you can feed a blogger for a day (it might be bad food but still…..).

Alright…. I’ll stop giving you puppy dog eyes and show a couple images instead….

**The grand prize, by the way, is my love and undying affection for years to come. We’re a blog on a budget so you’ll have to settle for just that.

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