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DCoop Sourcebook – Arteriors Ziggy Pendants

Is it me or when you hear the name Ziggy do you also think of the really short comic book character with the big nose and the very lanky cat?

I thought so.

I was hoping I wasn’t the only mentally unstable one on the internet.

Because that would be a travesty if I were.

So lighting.  You know that lighting is one of my loves.  A passion perhaps.  Not much of a fetish but I have felt bad about making googly eyes at pendants with seductive lines.  Like the hammered iron Ziggy Pendant Arteriors has decided to wave in front of me. I think they knew and were taunting me with it’s fabric cord (hello!  A Fabric Cord. I. Die.) and dimply gloss white powder coat finish.  And then there was that peep show of hammered brass under it’s otherwise demure exterior.

That’s right.  I said brass. 

Because Arteriors knows that Brass Kicks Ass.

Enough already.  Because I’m starting to feel like a boy reading his first issue of Playboy.

For the articles.

Just the articles.

Designer Tip: Remember months ago when I said to subtly introduce brass into your home for a bit of warmth?  Yeah.  This is the way to do it.  I’m thinking a grouping over the dining table to really give your diners a beautiful glow whilest gorging on an amazeballs homemade meal.  Or maybe to distract them from the burnt pumpkin pie (I’m speaking from experience).

Arteriors | Available to the Trade | www.arteriorshome.com

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items featured on the DCoop Sourcebook, shoot us an email.

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post. Though I’d gladly hang one of these if it were sent to me.

All images copyright DCoopMedia and may not be used without prior approval.

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Hue Injections – The Cure for Chromophobia

*Cue late night infomercial music*

Do you suffer from Chromophobia?

Does color scare you so badly you run from the room with your hands over your ears screaming at the top of your lungs like a Pomeranian seeing the mailman for the first (or thirtieth) time anytime someone (like your designer) pulls out a fan deck?

Does the term Pantone illicit night terrors that ensure your husband has bruises behind his knees from all of the kicking?

Does the sales lady at Bloomingdales know you as the “Lady in White” because you haven’t bought colored linens since the Nixon administration?

Fear not my pigmentally challenged readers because I’m here to help you.

Or make it worse.  I can’t help all of you.


So just what is a girl to do when she desperately needs a shot of color but can’t get past the single most annoying shade in the entire world (antique white and it’s variants…..)?

Funny you should ask…..

Start Small

I know that everyone says Go Big or Go Home. And normally I’m all for the “just jump in the pool feet first and experience the shock once instead of over and over and over and….” But I totally understand.  Sometimes it’s scary.  It’s like standing at the top of the bunny slope with a snowboard strapped to your feet and hoping to the Holy Baby Jesus that you don’t hit another person or, worse, the one lone tree on the entire slope that some nitwit left when they designed the course.  It’s like cooking for your Mother-in-law for the very first time.

Normally the advice is to buy a pillow or an accessory or … that embodies the color that you think you may or may not want to commit to.  Sure this is fun and all but it’s sort of like taking a car on a test drive – no real reason to commit unless you’re somehow overly lazy and forget to return it.  Paint is another trick we designers use to get a little commitment out of our clients since once it’s on the wall who really wants to go back and paint over neon green?  Not me. Because I wear more of said paint than I put on the wall. I can’t help it.

So I like to take it just one step further.  I will sew and/or laquer the damn color right into your furniture.  Aha!
True commitment! What are you going to do?  Have your eight foot sofa reupholstered when I leave?  Gonna lug the rather expensive lounge chair out to the garage because you’re afraid you may be swallowed in to the space that always manages to collect enough change to bail out Greece?  Or to at least buy you a McD’s cheeseburger.

As my other half would say, Simmah Down Now.

I’m not going to push you off the deep end and force you to cover every square inch of something in one deep vibrant color.  I’m not that mean. Well… most days anyway.  BUT… we’re going to find one detail and we’re going to go all gangbusters.

A keyhole opening in the side of a wingchair upholstered in a swatch of deep teal.

The underside of a table leg deliciously picked out in red like the underside of a Louboutin heel.

The stitching of a white cotton sofa hemmed in tangerine.

See where I’m going with this?  It’s less “get married on the first date” and more “I’ll meet your parents but I’m still keeping my apartment”.  Semi-commitment without the 1-carat emerald cut diamond.

And it might actually make you step just a little further outside of your comfort zone.

Or you’ll hate me.

And then you’ll leave me anonymous comments at which point I’ll comment back and we’ll have to make up over Twitter.

And it’s hard to make up in 140 characters.

*Shameless Self Promotion Below*

Looking for a Hue Injection of your own?  Give me a shout and let me help take the phobia out of incorporating color.  Or maybe I’ll be adding the “Homo” in “Chromo”.  Either way….

All images via DCoopMedia except [4]

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DCoop Sourcebook – Feizy’s Arushi Collection

No no, this Sourcebook is not about something that may or may not have been from a version of Mario Brothers.

I’ve probably already made you want pizza and maybe to go out and squash some mushroom looking creatures in order to save a princess horribly dedicated to the color pink.

I apologize for my moment of nerdiness right there.


Remember those rag rugs that grandma used to make for the log cabin?  Hers were probably in hideous colors and felt worse on bare feet than a Brillo pad on stainless steel cookware.  That wasn’t such a pleasant memory was it?  What if said rag rug was in bright, effervescent colors and woven from silk?  Pinch me because it might be a dream.

In the word’s of Pedro, Feizy will “make all of your wildest dreams come true”.

The Arushi Collection, from Feizy‘s Home collection, offers effortless style and casual comfort (those are their words, not mine).  Personally I’m thinking it’s grandma’s bungalow meets 21st century awesomeness all wrapped up in a hemp bow.  I’m hoping that sounded like a compliment.  Four sizes (the pre-requisites up to 8’x11’), six colors (including Orange… HAWT!), and woven in India with recycled Kela silk, the collection makes for a pretty cool addition to the modern Undecorated home. Not to mention the pricing is extremely competitive for a handmade rug.

Designer Tip: Think of these rugs as a true pop in an otherwise monochromatic space.  Personally I’m seeing white linen slipcovers and limed oak furniture in a simple setting using the Aqua as a major foot friendly focal point.  They’re a true burst of color that would be crazy easy to change out for the seasons.

Feizy | Available to the Trade | www.Feizy.com

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the items featured on the DCoop Sourcebook, shoot us an email.

DCoopMedia was not compensated for this post. Except for a glass of wine.

All images copyright DCoopMedia and may not be used without prior approval.


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Children’s Artwork – Gallery Worthy!

The lines are our friends!

Ok, so let’s be honest with ourselves here, the lines never were my friends.  I hated the lines.  I could barely stand to stay inside the lines let alone use the standard 12 pack of Crayola crayons.

I had the 64 pack.  With the built in sharpener.  Suck it.

Anyway, if there is one thing that makes my job as a designer difficult, it is the selection of artwork. Artwork is subjective.  It’s personal.  It needs to speak to the occupant in some way shape or form.  To elicit a reaction, good or bad.  It’s a pain in the you know what.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love art.  I have a fair share of it hanging in my own house.  So much so that I ran out of walls in the principal rooms and Steve gives me that weird cock eyed stare anytime I even think about going to another fair or gallery or…. Apparently I’m just not allowed to have nice things. Or so I’m told.

The whole point is that the right artwork can not only make or break a space but should also have a connection to the homeowner.

Which is why I love children’s artwork.  Finger painted canvases.  Construction paper collages.  Books of feathers and crayon.  It’s personal.  It’s usually creative.  And by golly, what kid, young or old, doesn’t like to see his or her handiwork proudly displayed.

“I still have a book my nephew made where he was in preschool.  It’s a hot mess of feathers and crayons about the chicken and egg but I love it and will never throw it away.”

Angel Robinson, @writerobinson

But in this world of designer goodness where Architectural Digest rules the roost, just how do you get away with its display?  Personally, I’m all for treating it no different than any other piece of art.  Frame it, hang it amongst the Picassos (or is it Picassi?) and make ’em proud.

I’m not alone….

“I like to integrate my daughter’s artwork with real artwork and little vintage finds.”

Susyel dePedro Cunningham, @Tiltonfenwick

“We use the kiddo art as modern art for our home.”

Seth Fritz, @ToReplyAll

“I was going to collect as many refrigerator doors as possible, fill up an entire museum room with them and attach children’s artwork to the fridges.  With magnets of course!”

Jessica Gordon Ryan, @gimletstyle

“Even though my child artist isn’t young any longer, color blocking a wall is another way to highlight wee artist’s works of art.”

Maureen Break Coates, @MaureenCDecor

“I have a wire stretched out on a wall in the office and I decorated clothes pins with each kids name on them, and they hang their art there.  It’s great because they can reach it and they can see everyone’s art as well.”

Stacy Mendes Hargrove

Inspired yet?  Someone pass the finger paint will ya?

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Brass Kicks Ass. At least that is what Chuck Norris says.

Brass, noun: Any of various metal alloys consisting mainly of copper and zinc.

Once upon a time, the 5th millenium BC to be exact, the Chinese (overachievers) stumbled upon this natural metallic material.  This material, a low composition of zinc and copper, was a distinctive golden color.  So golden and so rare that Plato determined Oreichalkos to be as valuable as gold itself.  He was a smart man.  I think he was anyway.  Someone told me he was and since he was probably a question on a test I took around two decades ago, let’s just assume he was.

Fast forward a few millenia later and by the 1st century, brass had soared in popularity. The Romans were pretty hot for it.  Later on (a few more years later… or so Wiki says) the Byzantines and the Nords and the Italians were all over Brass like a horny teenager at a pre-70’s Sophia Loren movie.  Seriously.  They were smelting and oxifying and fill-in-random-scientific-term-here at a crazy pace.  And then builders go a hold of it.  I don’t mean builders in 19th century English castles turning out seriously sexy Edwardian faucetry with brass as the main component.  And I certainly don’t mean any number of 1950’s and 1960’s quintessential designers applying the brass element to their still popular creations.

I mean builders in the late 80’s and 90’s.  Do you guys hear me?  It’s your fault!  So they took it and ran with it.  By this point, brass had gone through its puberty and was now just the awkward 35 year old with no kids and a separated marriage.  It was cheap and wound up on everyone’s cabinetry in middle America. (God I love metaphors).  Seriously, you builders almost ruined what Plato called a “Precious metal”.  Bastards.

Anyway…. Brass is back.  And it kicks Ass. Big Time.  Call it what you will if it makes you feel better – gold, antique bronze, that yellowish metal. It’s probably a harkening back to the golden metals of the 1960’s. Or it could be that we’re so into rescuing ancient architecture and there is just no way that blackened steel is going to work in the Loo of an Edwardian manse.  That is unless you’re Sting.  Or Madonna.  But we know blackened steel in a 19th century castle is faking it.  Like Madonna.

Whatever the reason, designers are craving the warm glow of unlacquered brass.  It was once nickel that was the rage.  Then stainless steel.  And hell, chrome showed up in there too.  But I think the general public is tired of all that silver.  Once the entire faucet aisle of Home Depot glistened with silvery blandness, it was time to make a switch.

Personally I’m loving brass right now.  It has a certain glow that exudes warmth.  It gleams of unpretentious-ness but screams “I’m different”.  Used in small amounts it changes an interior unlike any chrome/nickel/steel product ever can.

A tip?  Don’t over do it. Don’t go all crazy and plate every metallic element in your house brass.  Your house will look like you walked though the wrong aisle at the flea market.  Seriously, remember that Plato and the Romans thought of Brass as a metal not unlike Gold.  Use it sparingly but use it in unexpected ways.  Seat backs are one (see the Klismos seat backs above).

And keep in mind that color is important!  Later cheap brass has that horrible jaundiced yellow tinge. We hate that.  My mother had a brass baker’s rack in that color and I’m still telling my therapist about it.  Go for warmer tones.  Look for brass with higher copper contents and of course, that heavenly reddish undertone.

Did you know there are approximately 22 different types of Brass? Including one called Prince Rupert.

Anyway…. don’t listen to the nay sayers.  Are you looking for something a little different?  A little out of the norm?  A little less “I shopped for all my fixtures in a box the size of Rhode Island”? Then try out some brass. I kid you not you’ll love it.

Repeat after me – “Brass Kicks Ass!”

This has been a public service announcement.

Images via: Inspired Design, Lindsey Adelman, Bijou and Boheme, La Dolce Vita, Tracery Interiors

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Can One Really Have Too Much Hermes?

If there is one thing I love about reading my blog stats it’s that I’m always amazed in what kind of terms you guys are using to find me. Not that I’m not wanting to be found but I’ve gotten quite attached to the search term “Big Stones”. Take it as you may really. I’ll let you mull on that one and draw your own conclusions. Though if you’d ever read my Green Bitchy series you’d think maybe Google was on to something.

Alas, yesterday, after Klout had officially made me influential in Chanel, I found that one of my search terms for the day had been “Too Much Hermes”. Ok ok. I’m in love with the color orange. Not just any orange but that brownish, redish orange so familiar on the Hermes box. I’ve a few of them myself and once the office is painted black, that amazing heavenly color will play a predominate role on the new shelves. Pictures later. Seriously. Though remember, later might be like in the next decade. After blogging turns into holographic telepathy.

Anyway, one can never have too much Hermes. And as such, I thought I’d pull a few images from the interweb of just what I mean. So sit back. Pour yourself a little Veuve, and enjoy a few shots of Hermes in some super awesome interiors.

Was that enough Orange for ya?

Images via: Because It’s Awesome, AJ Barnes Online, House and Home, Live in a Venti Cup, Bravo

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