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London Calling – Modenus’ BlogTour 2012

(Cue Violins)

Ok so last month I didn’t win the coveted open spot on Blog Tour London.  You should all be ashamed of yourselves for not voting more and from every device you own.

I forgive you this time around. 

I’m trying not to be a sourpuss but following the Twitter Hashtag #BlogTourLDN and seeing all the awesome pictures (like Christian May sleeping or Patti Johnson in her awesome hat and great heels) makes me a bit jealous.


Enough with my sniveling.

I didn’t get to go but there are 14 amazing bloggers and designers that I think it’s time you followed.  If only because over the next few days and weeks you’re going to see a whole heaping lot of Brit design.  All served with pinkie up, with a fresh scone.

Ok maybe not with the scone but if you pour a cuppa tea before you read their posts you might feel like you’re in Jolly Old England.

And sometimes that is all that matters.

So check ’em out…. And report back would ya?

Igor Josif – Happy Interior Blog

Maryam Montague – My Marrakesh

Nyla Free – Nyla Free Designs

James Bedell – James Bedell – Lighting Designer

Robin Horton – Urban Gardens

Christian May – Maison21

Raina Kattelson – A Stylist’s Life

Jennifer Mehditash – Dec-A-Porter

Lynn Byrne – Decor Arts Now

Patti Johnson* – Chatti Patti Talks Design

Rashon Carraway – Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Cheryl Kees Clendendon – Details and Design

Jill Seidner – Jill Seidner Interior Design

Vitania Liscio – Verdigris Vie

*An Official Member of the DCoop Stalkeratzi!

And if you want to learn more about Blog Tour or the awesome Modenus website…. click here ya’ll!



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Me, London, and Blogtour

It’s Wednesday and guess what, it’s raining here in Las Vegas.

I know right?


And it was kinda cold. Makes you want to stay in side.

Kinda reminded me of the last time I was in London.

And what I hope it will be like in London again in September when My lovely readers all vote for me to fill in the last remaining spot on The Modenus BlogTour London.

What you say? There is one more spot?

Why yes and it was this morning when I landed that I received the tweet that I’d been “nominated” to join the elite that is BlogTour.

So do your part (pretty please!) and head over to the Blogtour site and vote for yours truly Mr. Brandon Smith.

Because one small London step is a whole ton of photos for you!

Vote here.

Hugs and kisses!

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